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We'll continue to be here for you

Renew your cover with confidence

Peace of mind can be hard to come by these days. So it’s good to know that AXA Health is here for you. Because nothing’s more important than your health and wellbeing.

We want you to feel reassured about your healthcare so that you can renew with confidence when the time comes. We know there can be a lot to think about and it’s important to us that you’re happy with your plan, so please take a look at the tips and reassurance on this page.

All this and more

When you’re feeling fit and well, it’s hard to imagine how valuable having prompt access to treatment in comfortable, safe surroundings would be. And it’s easy to think that healthcare cover is something you can do without. That’s why it’s good to remember some of the reasons you may have chosen us.

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Start getting better sooner

If you become unwell, your private healthcare cover will help you get access to the treatment you need quickly, so you can get back on your feet again as soon as possible. 

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Get seen by a specialist fast

Our Fast Track Appointments team can find you an appointment quickly. And we'll pay for it, too, when you have cover for out-patient specialist consultations on your plan.

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Remote physio appointments

Speak to a physiotherapist by video or phone as soon as pain strikes with no need for a GP referral first. We helped over 52,000 members with our physio service in 2020, providing tailored exercises to manage muscle, bone and joint problems.

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See a GP when it suits you

With AXA Doctor at Hand, our 24-hour online GP service, you can see or speak to a GP via video or phone whenever you want to, making it easier for you to fit appointments around your life.1

Manage your subscription

With an excess, you decide how much of your yearly claims you’d be happy to pay per person per year. Including an excess reduces your subscription. The higher the excess level, the greater the reduction.

Pay for your yearly subscription up-front and get an immediate saving of 5% compared to paying monthly.

If you have a no claims discount and someone covered makes a claim on your plan, no matter what size, there’ll be a reduction to your discount. To get your no claims discount back, you can pay for the claim(s) made since you last renewed, so it’s as if no claim was made on your plan in that time. 

If you’ve made a high-value claim, buying back your no claims discount probably won’t make sense, but for smaller claims it can reduce your renewal subscription. You have 30 days from your renewal date to pay back any claims and re-instate your no claims discount. 

This won’t save costs right away but protecting your no claims discount means the claims you make during the protected period won’t reduce your no claims discount for the following renewal. Give us a call to see if you can do this. 

If you’ve chosen benefits over and above your ‘core’ cover, like differing levels of cover for outpatient consultations and tests, therapies and mental health care, you can remove it to lower your subscription.

Remember: you’d need to make sure you budget to cover these costs yourself if they arise, or be happy to use the NHS for these aspects of your healthcare.

Some of our plans have what we call a ‘guided option’, which means that, when you need to see a specialist, we find one for you. As long as you have outpatient cover, we’ll offer a choice of specialists and book the one you choose at a time and place that’s right for you. As we’ll be helping you choose, we can pass on the savings to you with a reduced subscription. 

Without this ‘guided option’ we can still source a specialist for you. Or, if you prefer, you can find one on our full specialist list.

Answering your questions

We base the price of your plan on a number of factors including your age, location, the number of people covered, your cover options, your excess level and your no claims discount. Health insurance subscriptions do tend to change every year even if you haven’t made a claim on your plan. So if your subscription has gone up this might be because:

  • As medical science and technology evolves, we’re able to give you cover for new medical technologies (such as lasers and scanners), complex treatment (such as heart surgery and joint replacements) and new cancer treatments. These can improve how well your condition is diagnosed and how quickly you recover, but new procedures are usually more expensive than older methods.
  • Advances in medical science mean we’re living longer but are also more likely to need treatment as we generally suffer from more health issues as we age.
  • The no claims discount for each person on your cover will have been affected if they’ve claimed on their membership. Their no claims discount will build up again if they don’t claim again in the following renewal year. 

So even when you haven’t claimed in the past year, the cover you have is increasing in value.

We try to control any rising costs by negotiating with our healthcare providers to make sure their charges are fully justified and represent good value for money.

No, definitely not.

While we do need to make a profit in order to stay in business, as AXA’s UK health and wellbeing specialists we invest heavily in expert-led programmes and services for our members to help keep you well, such as:

  • Our Fast Track Appointments service, which can get you seen by a specialist quickly
  • Online GP consultations with AXA Doctor at Hand, powered by Doctor Care Anywhere 
  • Our dedicated heart and cancer nurses, to support you by phone through difficult times
  • Our phone and video physio service, to keep you moving 
  • Our Health at Hand telephone experts, to help ease your health worries, big or small. 

Make sure we can help

Your medical data is yours. So, if you become unwell, we can’t talk to your family members about your condition or treatment – unless you tell us we can.

It works the other way too. If you want to speak to us about another member’s claims or health concerns, then we need their permission first.

You can manage these ‘permissions’ in your online account. Or you can give our membership team a call on the number on your membership documents.

1Subject to appointment availability and the Doctor Care Anywhere fair-use policy