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Supporting you during menopause

We're here for you when you need menopause support

The menopause can have a huge effect on a person’s life at home and at work. It’s a natural event that most women tend to go through at some point, the average age is 51. Some are fortunate and have no problems at all, but a lot of women are affected by menopausal symptoms due to reduced oestrogen levels.  The good news is we can help you through it. There are treatments available, lifestyle changes we can help you make and access to specialist support, if needed.

AXA Health members have access to these menopause services

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Wellbeing support

Hot flushes, mood swings, brain fog – if you want to understand more about menopause or have a menopause related question, our experienced menopause-trained nurses from the 24/7 health support line can be the first port of call. 

Call 0800 003 004
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Online GP appointments

If you want to pursue hormone replacement therapy (HRT)1 or need more medical support the next step is to speak to a GP. As an AXA Health member you have access to private GP service AXA Doctor at Hand, delivered by Doctor Care Anywhere, available 24/7, 365 days a year2.

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Specialist care and support

For severe or complex menopause needs, your GP may refer you to see a menopause specialist. Our network of British Menopause Society (BMS) accredited consultant gynecologists are available3 to offer the right specialist support. You will need a referral from a GP.

1. Prescriptions fees are not covered by your plan and might be more expensive than on the NHS. AXA Doctor at hand online GPs don't offer repeat prescription.
2. Appointments are subject to availability. 
3. You need to have an outpatient option on your plan to qualify for this service. Self-pay options are available. 

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Supporting your partner during menopause

Going through the menopause effects not only women but also their partners and people around them. Relationships can be put under pressure, mainly because not many couples openly talk about menopause. Knowing what to expect, understanding common symptoms and what treatments are available can give you and your partner much-needed support during this time.

AXA Health Chats - Menopause

We explore menopause signs, symptoms and treatment with registered pharmacist Sally Sullivan and registered nurse Jo Poolman. 

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HRT guide

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Small business

Find out how we support small businesses and their employees during menopause.

Large corporate

Find out how we help large businesses support their employees with menopause.