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Check out our experts’ latest answers to popular health and wellbeing questions that you’ve been submitting via our Instagram page.

Mark Winwood

Mark Winwood

Dr Mark Winwood is a leading psychologist, with many years of clinical experience and research expertise. As Clinical Lead for Mental Health Services at AXA Health, his primary role is to support the delivery of evidence based psychological care across its wellbeing and medical services.

Eugene Farrell

Eugene Farrell

With 30 years’ experience in the UK healthcare arena, Eugene provides thought leadership for AXA and is our Mental Health Lead. A key figure in Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) industry, he also regularly provides health and wellbeing consultancy and training services to major employers around the world.

Jan Vickery

Jan Vickery

A chartered physiotherapist and ergonomist with extensive experience across a wide variety of employment settings, Jan is Head of Clinical Operations for AXA Health’s specialist Health Services division, where she leads its musculoskeletal and psychological services.

Richi Norton

Richie Norton

Founder of The Strength Temple, Richie Norton has created a holistic and individualised approach to health, strength and wellbeing. As a former rugby player, he leads with training in rehabilitation and performance, using his dynamic breathwork practices to build mental strength, provide focus and help deliver a daily dose of calm. 

“I feel apprehensive when I leave the house to go shopping or to exercise. Can you suggest any quick breathing exercises I can do before I go out to help control this?”

Dr Mark Winwood, Clinical Lead for Mental Health Services at AXA Health, joins us from his home to share a simple breathing technique that anyone can use to help manage anxiety.

“How can I help prevent and treat aches and pains when working from home?” 

Jan Vickery, Head of Clinical Services answers your questions on maintaining correct posture and how to prevent and treat common aches and pains when working from home.

“How can I practise mindfulness outside?” 

Mental Health Lead, Eugene Farrell takes to his local park to demonstrate a mindfulness technique you can use outdoors on your daily walk.

“Can you suggest a simple routine to help kick-start my day?” 

Morning movement and breathing practice with Richie Norton to lift your mood, energise your body and de-stress.

“Can I use your technique to help me sleep?”

A mindful brain break adapted to busy minded people struggling to sleep and waking up in the night not being able to go back to sleep due to anxiety.

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