Sarah Kemp

Try a little Feelgood Health

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The kitchen gym

Welcome to Sarah’s kitchen. Or, as she likes to think of it, a Feelgood Health gym that’s free, and in her house! 

Chances, not chores!

You see a boring chore, Sarah sees an opportunity to get some physical movement into her day!

A mindful retreat

Sometimes a sit down can be as good as a sit up. Take 5 minutes for a mindful moment.

*Safety first! We want you to get the most out of these Feelgood Health tips, but please note the videos are for demonstration purposes only. It’s always best to consult with your GP about what’s right for you before trying something new.

Feelgood Health Mythbusters

With so much information out there, our health experts are here to help sort the fact from the fiction.

Anxiety - Is it a mental illness? Can it be inherited?
Read the anxiety article


Lee paddle boarding

Real Feelgood Health

Meet Carmen, Lee, and others and see how they found unexpected joy in activities that had a surprisingly positive impact on their health and wellbeing.

woman on exercise mat

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Feelgood Health tips

Have a look at our experts' articles for some great hints and tips to help you find your Feelgood Health. For even more helpful information visit our Feelgood Health tips page.

Food to feed your Feelgood
Food to feed your feelgood

Good food really can boost your mood.

Becoming more active
Becoming more active – your way

You don’t need to spend hours in the gym to keep fit.

Physical and mental health benefits
Mental health benefits of physical activity

Can moving more help develop resilience, improve low moods and boost self-esteem?

Support to find your Feelgood Health

Mums and baby
We’re here for you

At AXA Health, we know that everyone’s journey to Feelgood Health is different. We’re here to encourage, support and inspire you to find what works for you. And we have healthcare professionals to help you every step of the way. 

Learn more about the private medical insurance plans and services we offer. 

Woman in swimming pool
Get fit and healthy your way

AXA Health member offer

Everyone’s route to better health and fitness is different. With access to Hussle and Nuffield Health gym offers it makes it easier to find the fitness and wellbeing deals that work for you. 

Our AXA Health members get access to these flexible gym offers, so you’re not tied to just one gym. You can relax in a spa, have a swim, or try a workout in a different venue.

Whatever you need to stay motivated.

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