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Jack Whitehall’s Feelgood Health challenges

We have partnered with actor, presenter, comedian and author Jack Whitehall to help him find his own Feelgood Health.

As someone whose idea of healthy isn’t 5am pre-breakfast runs and being shouted at by a personal trainer, Jack spent five days with AXA Health Chief Medical Officer, Dr Annabel Bentley, who set him a series of challenges. Follow him as he borrows a dog, finds fitness in his own home and gets the wrong end of the stick when he goes forest bathing...

The 'Borrow my dog' Feelgood Health challenge

Jack heads to the park with a new four-legged friend to discover the health benefits walking a dog can have.

The 'Good time in' Feelgood Health challenge

Jack gets creative in his house, and finds all sorts of easy activities involving toilet roll and bins that can help with his Feelgood Health.

The 'Forest bathing' Feelgood Health challenge

Jack spends a relaxing day in the woods, finding out how getting back to nature can benefit his mental and physical health. Also, it turns out you don’t need trunks to go forest bathing.

A moment of reflection

Jack looks back at his Feelgood Health challenges and ponders upon what he's learnt, how he feels and whether or not it's important to "get an ab".