women's health

Women’s health

Even though women are generally more likely to visit their GP than men1, the UK’s healthcare system doesn’t always fully support their needs. It can take a long time for certain conditions to be diagnosed, while more common complaints might not be treated as a priority. This women's health service lets employees and their families get reliable, practical guidance for complex issues and day-to-day concerns, including:


  • Gynaecology, including vaginal and cervical health
  • Common female cancers
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and endometriosis
  • Period pain and understanding the menstrual cycle
  • Sexual health and contraception options, guidance and management
  • Nutrition, exercise and fitness

Why investing in women’s health support in the workplace matters


Supporting your business starts with supporting your greatest asset – your people. Offering a women’s health service to your employees will not only help keep the female workforce healthy, which could improve the team’s performance, it could also help you to attract and retain the right people.


of women said that a health condition has affected their opportunities for promotion at work

‘Women’s Health – Let's talk about it’ survey, Department of Health & Social Care, England, Dec 2021


have reduced their working hours as a result of having endometriosis, while 27% have had to leave their job

Endometriosis in the UK: time for change, APPG on Endometriosis Inquiry Report 2020

How it works

Practitioner chat

1-2-1 messaging with highly trained and accredited experts.

Articles and programmes

Access articles, wellbeing course and virtual events with expert speakers.

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Confidential, private and anonymous consultations

Private, 1-2-1, 40-minute video consultations with Peppy’s specialist practitioners.2

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Informed healthcare

Peppy practitioners can help employees manage physical and emotional symptoms. If treatment is needed, the team will recommend your employee sees a GP for next steps. 

Add women’s health support to your employees’ wellbeing initiative to give your people easy and confidential access to expert guidance and support in the workplace.

This women’s health service provides support for personal issues your people may face. But don’t forget, we also have a range of additional services available to offer help, treatment and guidance to your employees during life’s big journeys. These include access to fertility, early parenthood and menopause support services. We also offer an early diagnosis service for breast cancer as part of our corporate healthcare scheme, Advance.

Available to UK-based employees and family members. App users must be 18 or over. Service is subject to Peppy’s fair use policy. Minimum 24-month term contract and minimum employee population of 2,000.

1. Men’s Health Forum, Understanding of health and access to services, 2022
2. Women’s health practitioners are available 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday.