AXA Health's neurodiversity service - one year on

Marking the first anniversary of AXA Health's Neurodiversity assessment and support service

27 November 2023


Last year, we developed an innovative Neurodiversity Assessment and Support service to help neurodivergent members better harness their strengths and manage their challenges. The service, available as part of a corporate healthcare scheme, has supported over 4,000 members since its launch and is now offered by over 100 clients. It provides members with prompt access to an initial needs assessment and where appropriate assessment, diagnosis and onward support.  

Since its launch in October 2022, the service has supported thousands of members, around three-quarters of which are adults. The majority of these have used the service for support with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) assessment and guidance. The service, which is delivered by ProblemShared, has been extremely well received, with over 90% of members stating that they would recommend the service, with many feeling empowered by their diagnosis and new gained understanding. The ability to access expert led personal interactions and gain speedy access to appointments made possible through AXA Health’s online model has been key to achieving the fantastic feedback.    

For companies electing to include the benefit, their eligible employees and family members, aged 7 years and over, gain access to:

  • An innovative online service with access to experts across the UK 
  • An initial needs assessment for autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia or dyscalculia, typically available within 5 working days of booking 
  • Support and guidance from specialists 
  • And crucially much valued early support beyond assessment, including group sessions for ADHD and autism, medication reviews and help with education navigation support options 



The need for more employers to offer access to assessment and support remains pressing. 52% of those wanting an autism assessment and 40% of those wanting an ADHD assessment wait more than 12 months to receive it¹, a challenge which can cause significant mental health issues, such as suicidal thoughts and self-harm. AXA Health and REBA’s (Reward and Employee Benefits Association) 2023 Employee Wellbeing Report highlighted this to be continued area of focus for people strategists with 37% of employers intending in next 2 years to support neurodivergent challenges through their health insurance. 



Andy McClure, Marketing & Proposition Director, AXA Health said:

“We were so pleased to launch this innovative service to help our clients support the needs of their people and their families and enable them to create more inclusive and supportive workplaces. 

“It’s great that the service has been so successful and is really helping to provide support at a time when NHS referrals are rising (with over 130,000 people currently waiting on referral lists for suspected autism) and neurodiversity assessments can take a considerable amount of time.  

“Access to services such as this is exactly where we see AXA Health playing our part; offering choice and supporting employers to widen and broaden the benefits packages available as part of their employer value packages.” 

Ellie Greenhow, ProblemShared Neurodevelopmental Service Lead said:

“We are really proud of working with AXA Health to ensure their members receive timely access to assessments, and the unique benefit we developed together of ongoing support through our post-diagnostic services.  Our innovative psychoeducation workshops and education navigator service have helped our clients, and their families, to feel validated and heard, to focus on their strengths and to understand themselves and the world around them with greater clarity.” 




¹Autism and ADHD: The damaging waits for assessment, 2023