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"Today's employees want to work but also flourish. Wellbeing has risen up everyone's agenda and there's a big move to create happy, healthy workplaces and cultures. And it's no wonder. Evidence shows Feelgood businesses develop the motivation, creativity and verve to succeed."

Rob Stephenson

Make sure you test the waters

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One of the things you'll hear our panel discuss in the Feelgood Business videocasts is the need for businesses to be more ‘human’. For organisations to listen when it comes to assessing the success and impact of their wellbeing activities.

Amongst other things, a survey is an excellent springboard for such action. Our questions will help you find out how your employees rate their personal growth, their life satisfaction and their optimism, as well as their ability to remain resilient and handle stress. We’ll help you decide whether to send a one-off survey, or whether to test the waters throughout the year. And we'll explain those data handling watchouts.

However you activate your enquiries, the results will help you start a conversation and drive engagement with your wellbeing plans. So get testing!

Small steps lead to big changes

Making changes to your routine is challenging and it’s easy to set lofty goals that aren’t that achievable. Success lies in making small, incremental changes and that build up to bigger ones. Pass on these bitesize videos to your teams and give them that little extra motivation to make positive changes to their everyday habits.

Why are small steps and habits important?
How can we turn a habit into a routine?
How can we overcome blocks and create new habits in a sustainable way?
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