The Value of Private Healthcare

AXA Health has recently commissioned an independent report, helping to understand the value that private medical insurance and private health and wellbeing support services can add to our society, especially when they're provided by employers as part of their responsible business commitments.

Frontier Economics, who produced the report, analysed data for employers with more than 250 employees across three treatment areas.   

The report shows that AXA Health contributes more than £442 million in cost savings per year to the economy and society from reduction of sickness benefit payments, greater productivity and improvements to quality of life. 

Tracy Garrad, former CEO, AXA Health: “We believe that supporting the health and wellbeing of employees is part of being a responsible business and employer. This independent report shows that encouraging more employers to offer PMI and wellbeing services to their people is a positive thing, not only for those individuals who receive it, but for the wider economy too.”

You can find a link to our press release, here