Keeping diet interesting

Anthony Glock, Physiologist at AXA Health

Diet: keeping things interesting

Diet and Nutrition

28 December 2023

Eating a nutritionally balanced diet has many health benefits, such as reducing the risk of diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.1 Combined with other healthy lifestyle habits, such as better sleep, moving more, and drinking plenty of water, diet is the foundation to building and maintaining good overall health. 

But healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring, restrictive or complicated. While cooking from scratch is one of the best ways to look after your health, with a bit of planning and creative know-how it’s possible to keep loving your food, minimise your time in the kitchen and have more time for other things you love.

“The key to staying on the wellbeing wagon is to keep things simple but also interesting”, says Anthony Glock, Physiologist at AXA Health.

“Healthy eating doesn’t have to mean taking the enjoyment out of food. It’s possible to have fun and make delicious meals using healthy ingredients with a few little tricks and swaps along the way.”

Anthony shares his top 6 tips for keeping your diet interesting:

1. Try one new recipe every week

This’ll give you something to look forward to if you’re feeling a little stuck in a rut with your weekly shop, not to mention increase your kitchen confidence. 

If you’ve got a favourite staple that you have often, there’s nothing wrong with that. But why not look up some more recipes featuring that specific ingredient to increase your repertoire! 

>Discover our wealth of recipes here, and try something new.

2. Recreate your favourite takeaway

Just because you’re trying to eat better, doesn’t mean you should deprive yourself of your favourite treats. But instead of heading for the takeaway menu on Friday night, why not recreate your own?

It often works out cheaper, as well as healthier, so a double win. 

3. Plan ahead

This may sound obvious, but it works so well. Just 30 minutes at the weekend will be one of the best half hours you can spend planning your breakfast, lunch and dinners for the week ahead.

If you’ve got the ingredients you need to put together a meal, you’re less likely to head for the convenience food. Plenty of online supermarkets allow you to add ingredients into your basket from their recipe inspiration pages which can really help you to optimise your prep. 

4. Treat your taste buds

Try something you haven’t tasted before. Even those of us who think we’ve tried pretty much everything haven’t.

Challenge yourself to try a new food every week and incorporate it into a recipe to keep things interesting. 

5. Batch cook ‘base’ meals

You can make your own ‘convenience food’ by having a ready prepped ‘base’, which can be used for a variety of different meals.

Why not batch cook some roasted veg, beef or turkey mince and a simple tomato sauce with garlic and herbs, then freeze them in separate containers to have at the ready.

You can then use them how you like depending on what you fancy – a pasta dish, chilli, burritos, or lasagne, customising them by adding extra herbs, beans or pulses. If you follow a vegan diet then swap out the meat for a protein substitute, such as soya or tofu.

>Try our chicken and chickpea curry recipe to get you started

6. Ban the bland

At its most basic, healthy food is simple to prepare, but it’s what you do with it that can take it from naturally delicious to next level delicious!

Adding flavour needn’t mean shaking on extra salt or heading for a sugary, fat-laden sauce. A few ingredients, such as garlic, spices, chillies and herbs give a real flavour boost to any dish.

Making your food as colourful as possible with fruit and veg makes it a feast for the eyes, helps keep things interesting and means you’re getting a greater variety of vitamins and minerals. 

>Heard of the 10 superfoods? We look at the benefits of each and how they can help keep your diet varied.

Also, why not try a different cooking method? Boiling, frying, steaming, poaching all provide different textures and flavours.


  1. The benefits of a balanced diet - British Nutrition Foundation

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