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Whatever it takes to be well, it’s worth it

Individual healthcare plans

These plans cover eligible treatment for new medical conditions which arise after taking out the policy. Many of our individual plans have a similar setup - your clients start with core cover and they can add the options they’d like. One of the main differences between our individual plans is the hospital coverage they’ll have access to. Generally, the more comprehensive the hospital list is, the higher the price point. With more variety to our products, we’ll help you find your clients the cover they want at a price they can afford. 

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Personal Health

Personal Health, our individual healthcare plan for new business, gives your clients fast access to eligible health treatment when they need it. From seeing a specialist for prompt diagnosis to having a comfortable private hospital stay, we’re there to look after your clients' health and wellbeing.

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Health for You

Whether they’re new to healthcare insurance, have a family to take care of, or simply want to look after their own health, they can create a policy that’s right for them. Find out more about Health for You.

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inSpire Health Plan

With the inSpire Health Plan, you can choose cover that focuses on the care and treatment that matters most to your clients. Members on this plan can only use specified Ramsey and Spire hospitals, so it’s important that they’re close enough to travel to these hospitals. Start with core cover and add options to ensure your client only pays for the cover they want. 


Renewing clients

Some of our older plans are now only available for renewing business. Clients with these plans can continue to renew them.

More than just health insurance

Accessing a GP out of hours

With AXA Doctor at Hand, provided by Doctor Care Anywhere, your clients can book a phone or video appointment with an online GP whenever they need to, 24/7.

Helping members stay healthy

With discounted gym membership at Nuffield Health, we’re helping your clients find their feelgood health.

Working body
Getting straight to the physio

With our Working Body service, your clients can speak to a musculoskeletal expert as soon as pain strikes – without needing a GP referral. Available to those aged 18 and over.

Find out more

To find out more about any of our personal products please contact our sales support teams.

IDD target market information

For information on our IDD requirements in relation to the intended target markets of our products, please follow the link below.