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Inspiring workplace wellbeing and building employee engagement

Proactive Health Gateway

We all know that healthy employees are better for business. The challenge lies in keeping them engaged in their wellbeing over time.  The Proactive Health Gateway is here to support employees with their wellbeing goals. It’s packed with interactive tools and learns to respond with tailored content to their choices and interests. Help employees to make the little changes that really count.

The Proactive Health Gateway is included as part of Advance, our corporate health insurance or available as a standalone purchase.

How it works

Starts with engagement

It starts with engagement

Properly engaged individuals build momentum towards a healthier, more productive workforce. That’s precisely what the Gateway delivers. With evolving content that keeps employees interested and on track, this is a smart service that keeps getting smarter.

Easy to access

An easy to access platform

With our dual-platform interface your employees can access the Proactive Health Gateway from a computer or smartphone for maximum convenience and engagement.

Personalisation based on needs

When it comes to wellbeing, one size definitely doesn’t fit all. The Gateway includes numerous features that enable employees to build a plan perfectly suited to their goals – making it more integral to their lifestyle.

Intelligence you can count on

Intelligence you can count on

We’ve put more information into the Gateway so you can get more insight out of it. After all, the deeper the employees’ engagement, the richer the intelligence can be collected on individual and company-wide health risks.