The Mindful Master

The Mindful Master

Feelgood Health tips for The Mindful Master

Have a look at our experts' articles for some great hints and tips to help you find your Feelgood Health. For even more helpful information visit our Feelgood Health tips page.

Walking Mindfulness with Eugene Farrell

Let our Mental Health Lead, Eugene Farrell, take you through a quick walking mindfulness exercise that can be helpful during times of stress or anxiety, which many of us are experiencing in one way or another right now.

10 health benefits of mindfulness

AXA Health's Mental Health Lead, Eugene Farrell looks at some of the health benefits of mindfulness and meditation.

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Breathe and Flow | Richie Norton

A mindful brain break adapted to busy minded people struggling to sleep and waking up in the night not being able to go back to sleep due to anxiety.