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Together, let’s raise health awareness across your team

Wellbeing seminars and workshops

Learning the value of good health and wellbeing empowers both people and business alike. Our seminars, workshops and training courses are designed to help build awareness and through education help employees become the best version of themselves.

Wellbeing at the heart of your organisation

At the centre of every team is a leader or a line manager, juggling responsibilities and supporting those around them. Our courses help them learn to be capable, confident and connected across a range of wellbeing topic areas, so they in turn can help unwrap the value of health and wellbeing across your organisation.

 “Improving line managers’ people management capabilities is listed as the number one ‘people’ priority for organisations.”

‘Learning and Skills at Work’, CIPD, 2020

Explore our wellbeing seminars and workshops

The value of neurodiversity

We’ll explore what neurodiversity is, the strengths and challenges it brings, and how we can all learn create neuro-inclusive environments where all minds belong.

Neurodiversity awareness for managers

A seminar specifically for line managers to better equip them to understand and help neurodivergent employees to thrive at work.

Diabetes awareness

Your employees will learn about diabetes and its effects, prevention measures, practical advice on managing the condition, as well as how best to support colleagues.

Working well wherever you are
Working well wherever you are

For some, a change in working environment can be daunting. This seminar will allow attendees to learn how their changing routine might affect health and wellbeing.

Understanding menopause
Understanding menopause

This seminar will help both men and women better understand the various changes that occur during all stages of menopause and feel confident about managing them.

Women's health
Women's health

In this seminar, we’ll give tips and advice to all employees so they can spot the signs of women's health issues early.

Men's health
Men's health

In this seminar, our expert will explain the small changes that can be made to improve male health and wellbeing.

Positive coping
Positive coping

This seminar will give your employees the knowledge and positive coping techniques and strategies that are needed to overcome change and adversity.

Developing your toolkit
Developing your toolkit

This seminar will educate attendees about mental health and wellbeing, identifying some of the stressors we face as part of day-to-day life , and how to overcome stress by building resilience.

The power of food
The power of food

Good nutrition is crucial to our wellbeing. This seminar will explore how eating well can help avoid health problems both now and in the future. 

Making change last
Making change last

Making healthy changes to our lives isn’t easy. This session shares the steps we can take to make sure we succeed when we change we're changing behaviours.

Sleep your way to better health
Sleep your way to better health

This seminar will arm your employees with the tools to understand how poor sleep is affecting them, so they can be in a better place to do something about it.

Other seminars and workshops available

  • Nutrition for immunity and gut health
  • Unlock your H.E.R.O and be the best you
  • Be resilient and flourish
  • Physical activity and health
  • Heart health
  • Leading a healthy lifestyle
  • Shift work – survive or thrive
  • Cancer awareness
  • Mental health and stress management in the workplace
  • Stress management in the workplace for leaders
  • A day in the life of your working body
  • Menopause awareness and education
  • Menopause training for line managers
  • Menopause for HR and occupational health
  • Kicking the habit – for good
  • Effective communication skills
  • Managing sensitive conversations 
  • Managing stress and building resilience
  • Mindfulness – an experiential introduction
  • Compassionate mind
  • Power of resilience
  • Mental health – supporting your staff
  • Suicide awareness and prevention
  • Suicide prevention in the workplace

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