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Employee Health Coaching

Our Health Coaching service is especially designed for those who’ve had health risks identified but who still need a little extra motivation to make positive lifestyle changes. They may have had a health risk identified through an AXA Health health assessment, or through the telephone wellbeing assessment built into the coaching programme. At-risk individuals are then put in touch with their personal coach. Together, they’ll explore the areas of their health that need improvement.

Why invest in health coaching?

Targeted support for individuals

Unlike many health-improvement programmes, Health Coaching doesn’t just support people who already understand the benefits of healthier living. It ensures everyone gets the help they need to make changes for the better.


Personalised, realistic health plans

With their dedicated health coach, employees will explore the areas of their health that need improvement. And analyse their motivations and barriers to better health. Whether it’s one-to one coaching, support by app and email or Signposting and support, individuals will get the support they need.


Enhanced coaching available

If one of your employees has a more significant health risk, the option of enhanced coaching is available, with a longer coaching period and regular engagement and follow-ups. Our enhanced coaching works well with diabetes risk, and we’ve a healthy minds programme too to support mental wellbeing. 

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