Talking to teens and tweens

Tips and tools to help your teen/tween’s mind health

Hello. Thanks for dropping in. We’re at your side when it comes to your child’s mind health and anxiety. From spotting the signs that things aren’t quite right, to practical tools for your teens and tweens and expert tips for talking to your child. We think you’ll find these tools helpful. So, download and be ready to talk things through when you feel the time is right.

Know when your child's door is open

When it comes to knowing the right time to talk, having an invitation from your teen or tween is important. Make it easier with our simple doorhanger.

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Handy tips for those tricky chats

Browse our Tricky Chat Guide to help your teens and tweens open up about their mind health and have more constructive and supportive conversations.

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As well as these practical tools, we’ve lots of information on the things that could be affecting your child. From anxiety and depression to eating disorders and more, we’ve got you covered.

Support for you, when you need it

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Ask the expert

Ask our team of experts about any health topic via email – available to both AXA Health members and non-members.
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24/7 health support line

Call any time of the day or night to get help and support for you and your loved ones – available to AXA Health members.
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Online GP service

The fast, easy way to speak to a GP by video or by phone – available to AXA Health members.
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Members with a Mental health cover option on their plan, can access private healthcare for mental illness - with a GP referral. This applies to any dependants on the plan too. AXA Health offers a remote mental health service for children and young people offered by OneBright Efficacy, one of the UK’s leading mental healthcare providers.