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"We wouldn't be without it"

Contact: Justine Ellis, Head of Finance

Company: C&C Group Holdings

C&C Group Holdings provides bespoke software for the utility and pharmaceutical industry.

Employees: 80

Joined: 2017

"From an employee point of view, all of the benefits and services are valuable. And from a business point of view, they are too." 

After comparing providers, C&C Group quickly settled on AXA Health for cost-effective cover.

An established model of care and customer service "all under one roof" was particularly attractive and reassuring says Justine Ellis, Head of Finance.

"AXA's healthcare experts and account managers don't pass claims on to third parties like some of the other companies we spoke to."

Private healthcare cover was to prove extremely valuable at C&C Group when Justine was diagnosed with cancer. 

"I arranged my treatment through AXA Health and it's been absolutely amazing. So helpful, everything was just fantastic." 

Justine explains the relief she felt knowing that her company's plan had cancer cover and how easy the process was once treatment started1

"One reference number every time I wanted to claim for my condition was all it took and I had someone from the cancer care team at the end of the phone to speak to whenever I needed to. Everything was very clear for me."

For Justine's team, it was reassuring to know their colleague was being cared for properly, helping to keep morale up.

1 Treatment and cancer cover are subject to the underwriting and cover options selected.

Employees at C&C Group have been making use of the 24/7 online GP service, AXA Doctor at Hand (powered by Doctor Care Anywhere)2, as well as the counselling support offered through their Employee Assistance Programme - EAP Premier. Plus the specialist care offered through their mental health cover. 

"During the pandemic, mental health cover has been really good to have because I know a few members of staff have been suffering mentally and it's been great that we can point them in the right direction for help. It's definitely been something that we've leaned on and promoted to our staff."

Her dedicated account manager, Gemma, keeps her up to date with information to share with her team about their benefits - part of the Premier Client service she receives for insuring 20-plus employees - and managing the plan has been easy even during times of stress.

"She'll come in and do a presentation when we get new joiners or benefits. After her last presentation, our employees were able to talk to her privately as well. When you have new staff and they don't always understand what they can claim for, this has been great."

Everyone knows how to access the information they need so there aren't many issues Justine has had to deal with. 

2 Appointments are subject to availability. Learn more at doctorcareanywhere.com/axamembership

When asked about which options support her business the most Justine says;

"All of them, because everyone is individual and they all have their own needs. And that goes for families as well."

Her own son has benefited from a lot of knee physio and also a knee operation1.

"It was very easy to organise and claim for [his treatment]."

1 Treatment and cancer cover are subject to the underwriting and cover options selected.

Their AXA Health business healthcare plan is something C&C Group feel they now couldn't do without.

"From an employee point of view, all of the benefits and services are valuable," Justine explains. "And from a business point of view, they are too. Because if your staff can get that quick doctor's or physio appointment when they need one, you know they're not laid up for longer than they need to be."

"It's so good to depend on. Definitely worth it." 

"Our assets are our employees"

Contact: Chandrashekhar Joshi, CFO & head of administration

Company: Mahindra Racing (Formula E)

Mahindra Racing is one of the founder teams of Formula E Championship, the motorsport that's powering investment in ground-breaking new electric-vehicle technologies in an exciting, developing sector.

Employees: 35

Joined: 2014

"Everyone knows how to access the information they need."

Despite — or because of — the shared, high-octane passion for success, Mahindra is very much a family company.

"For us, employee health is of prime importance. Our assets are not the plant, the machinery and the equipment. Our assets are our employees. And not just our employees but their families. We care about the health of our employees a lot." 

It's one of the reasons Joshi chose AXA Health's business healthcare cover for his team.

"We looked at various options before choosing our provider, but AXA Health seemed like a good choice for us." 

Joshi wanted his people to feel protected and cared for, and to access the health and wellbeing support they might need easily. All with a level of personal service that matches the company's close-knit ethos. 

The healthcare cover we chose from AXA Health offered the right spread of accessible healthcare benefits and services to ensure Mahindra employees feel supported.

The dental and optician cashback is popular, Joshi explains, as is the discounted gym membership which his team really value. 

"My personal experience has been good. It was simple to submit my receipt online and I got a reimbursement contribution for my glasses very quickly. It was really easy." 

Joshi selected the same level of cover for every member of the Mahindra Racing team. The nature of Formula E also influenced him to choose mental health cover for his employees as part of the company's business healthcare plan1.

"We work in a very, very competitive environment. The difference between the first driver and the last driver [in a race] can be as little as two seconds. It's a tough competition so people do need support."

AXA Health's mental health cover includes outpatient cover for treatment with psychologists and cognitive behavioural therapists on referral. Our mental health phone service can also arrange direct access to counsellors and psychologists without the need for a GP referral first, when appropriate2.

1 Mental health cover is subject to the underwriting and cover options selected

2 Available to members aged 18 and over

AXA Health is the ideal fit for a growing business like Mahindra Racing. It's personal, scalable and efficient.

"Everyone knows how to access the information they need," explains Joshi, and claiming is "very simple." 

If he has questions, his dedicated AXA Health account manager is at the end of the line to answer them – part of the Premier Client service he receives for insuring 20-plus employees. It makes managing the healthcare plan for his company easy and not something to worry about.

"We're very happy! We've just signed up for another year"

Contact: Clair Doran, New Talent Coordinator

Company: AutoRek

AutoRek has been successfully providing reconcilliation and finance automation software for 25 years.

Employees: 150 

Joined: 2019

"If I have any queries about anything to do with the plan, my account manager always gets back to me quickly."

Healthcare cover is a benefit AutoRek has offered its employees for a while now. They know it helps their close-knit team feel looked after and feel it makes it easier for them to attract and retain good staff.

"It's a very family-oriented company and we look after our people well." 

Moving to AXA Health's business healthcare cover was attractive. Being city based, the discounted gym membership has been popular, and the dentist and optician cashback is used regularly.

The work is desk based, so "A lot of people use the telephone and online physio support as well1," Clair says, "and we're using screens a lot so the optician [cashback] is very handy."

1 Muscles, bones and joints service is available to members aged 18 and over.

Clair felt reassured getting regular updates from AXA Health about the services available during the pandemic.

"The online GP service has been a great help to us2," Clair tells us, acknowledging the importance of having easy access to everyday health support. 

Including mental health support in their plan has been valuable too3, some of AutoRek's employees have used the counselling service4. Clair found sharing information about their services a simple process.

"AXA Health sent me the updates and information I needed and I just forwarded these to my employees." 

2 Appointments are subject to availability. Learn more at doctorcareanywhere.com/axamembership

3 Mental Health cover is subject to the underwriting and cover options selected

4 Available to members aged 18 and over

Clair is in charge of choosing and, until recently, administering the healthcare benefit for her team. She says the support she receives makes being the contact for AutoRek's plan no problem at all.

"If I have any queries about anything to do with the plan, my account manager always gets back to me quickly so I'm not sitting about waiting for any information. It's part of the service I receive as a Premier Client for insuring 20-plus employees." 

It all adds up to the right healthcare cover solution for AutoRek.

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