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The AXA Growth Leaders Series

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A growth mindset, the belief that intelligence and talent can be developed, has been established as a concept over the last two decades. However, few truly understand the benefits it brings to the workplace if it’s deployed correctly. Employers who embrace a growth mindset are more likely to have employees who feel motivated and hungry for the challenges that business life throws at them.

Together with The Supper Club, the Founder and CEO network, we've launched the AXA Growth Leaders Series to bring together successful entrepreneurs and thought-leaders to share their insights and experience on how to lead with a growth mindset, and how to build high performing teams.

Exploring three areas - The Future of Leadership, Making Wellbeing Work and Leading the Future Workforce - the series will look at how a growth mindset can support positive development and smart business thinking, as well as enhancing the health and wellness of employees and employers.

Choose small business health insurance for a stronger workforce

At AXA PPP healthcare, we understand that your people are the foundations of your success. That’s why we’re here for them when they need us most, supporting them with healthcare cover that’s built around their needs – and yours.

We provide healthcare cover from 1 – 249 employees and have a variety of cover options to choose from so you can choose the healthcare cover that’s the best fit for you, your team and your business. 

Private healthcare cover can have a number of benefits for you, your team and your business, including:

Flexible appointments

With small business health insurance, you and your team can have greater choice and flexibility over your medical appointments including the time, date and location. This means that you can fit your medical appointments in around your schedule. 

Reduced time out of work

When you or one of your team is absent due to ill health, it can have a big impact on your business. Small business health insurance aims to get you and your team back to work quickly by providing prompt access to diagnosis and eligible treatment. 

Employee retention

Private health insurance is often ranked as one of the most valued benefits for employees. With it being so highly valued, it can therefore be a great way to help you to retain your current team members. It can also help to show that you’re investing in their health and wellbeing.

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Incentive for recruitment

As well as being beneficial for employee retention, private health insurance can be a great incentive to help attract high quality new recruits to the business.

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Workplace wellbeing

Small business health insurance can help to improve workplace wellbeing by providing your team with access to health information and support whenever they need it.

Reward your people today with new member offers from AXA PPP healthcare

As the driving force making things happen, you’re devoted to your business and never switch off. You also need your team to be focussed, fit and healthy because you’re relying on them – they’re your most valuable asset. Support your team with our range of health and wellbeing offers available to The Supper Club members. So reward your people today and help to put good health in their hands.

Choose from one of the offers below

Help your team realise their health goals

The more you and your team know about your health, the better decisions you can make to live the life you want. A better understanding of your health starts with access to blood marker analysis from our healthcare experts through our Realise health plans, delivered by LiveSmart. Get a free Realise health assessment for each employee covered by a new Business Health Select health insurance plan. Terms apply.

Good health through smarter products

AXA ActivePlus brings together the products that give you the power to achieve good health. Using our health expertise, we’re constantly looking to the forefront of innovation and bringing you the smartest choices on the market. Get £200 worth of AXA ActivePlus vouchers to spend on anything in the store from experience days, to exercise equipment, for each employee covered by a new Business Health Select health insurance plan. Terms apply.

Ready to talk?

Start taking care of yourself and your team today. If you feel you’re ready to talk and you would like to find out more about business health insurance including what is and isn't covered, arrange a time to speak to us.

Keep your business fighting fit

Our Small Business Advice hub is your source of information from healthcare and employee engagement experts, to entrepreneurs and business advisors, offering you support and valuable advice to help your team and business thrive.

Prelude to Business Limited, trading as The Supper Club are introducing AXA PPP healthcare to provide business health insurance. The private healthcare insurance plans are underwritten by AXA PPP healthcare Limited. AXA PPP healthcare Limited is authorised by the Prudential Regulations Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulations Authority. Registered in England number 3148119. Registered office: AXA PPP healthcare, 5 Old Broad Street, London. EC2N 1AD