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Unwrap the value of wellbeing for your business

We believe in working together to help your people and your business prosper. Our wellbeing services, tools and benefits are designed to help you support everyone, both at work and at home. 

Join us at this year’s REBA Employee Wellbeing Congress event on 22 June. Tim Skilton and Ray Freer will be at stand 18, ready to share insight and answer questions on how we can help you build a positive culture where everyone thrives. 

What’s new from AXA Health?

Visit stand 18 and find out about: 

  • Our new neurodiversity assessment and support service.
  • Life-stage support for men’s and women’s health – including fertility, menopause and early parenthood support.
  • Our consultant-led digital solution for musculoskeletal care.
  • The AXA Health app 

When it comes to creating a healthy workplace, every mind and body matters

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Actions today for the avoidance of workforce wellbeing challenges of the future

22 June 2023 | 10:40 – 11:00

Join Chris Tomkins, our Head of Wellbeing, and Zoe Eccleston, Health & Wellbeing Consultant at The Wellbeng Business, for our speaker session at REBA 2023. They’ll be exploring how you can support everyone by:

  • taking a life-stage and multi-generational approach to your wellbeing strategy – supporting the moments that matter. 
  • ensuring impactful prevention measures, which can help prevent chronic illness or disease down the line.
  • building sustainability, and linking it to your wellbeing strategy.
  • examining real-life examples of success – putting solutions into practice.

Pick up your copy of the AXA Health and REBA employee wellbeing research report

Level 2 | Stand 18

Come and visit us at our stand and pick up your copy of The AXA Health and REBA employee wellbeing research report. 

This year’s theme is ‘Societal change is transforming workplace experience’. It’s packed with insights, trends and benchmarking data to support strategic decisions around your employee wellbeing provision. Pop by stand 18 and pick up your exclusive, printed copy. It’ll be available to download here after 22 June.

Enter our prize draw and win a Mental Health First Aid Aware course

This half-day course – for up to 25 people – is designed to raise awareness about mental health among your employees. The aim of the course is to help them prioritise their mental health. It will also help them look out for signs of stress or mental struggle in others, so they can start supportive conversations with colleagues who may be experiencing a mental health issue.

One winner will be drawn from the entries we receive at the REBA event. The prize draw can only be entered at stand 18. Terms and conditions apply.

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But if you can’t make it, or you want to get a head start in developing or reviewing your company’s health and wellbeing programme, we’d live to hear from you.

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