Private health assessments and plans

Helping you achieve your health goals

Good health isn’t just about managing ill health and treating disease – it’s about preventing it. Realise Health Plans, delivered by Livesmart, provide blood marker tests that look for a range of health risks, including liver disease, heart disease and diabetes. So you can stay on top of your health.

How it works

Realise Health Plans combine the best digital technology with blood analysis and personal encouragement, giving you health insights you can act on. You’ll be able to see how you’re doing, where the risks are and how you can improve. You’ll also be supported with one-to-one telephone coaching sessions that help you set realistic goals for living and working well every day.

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A heads-up on health risks

Liver disease. Heart disease. Diabetes. Realise blood assessments can indicate everything from poor nutrition to the presence of chronic disease, depending on the number of health markers you choose to test against. With a snapshot of your health to look at, you can clearly see where you need to improve things. From watching what you eat, to keeping up with that yoga class, to getting help from a GP.


Coaching to inspire change

We understand that habits are hard to change. That’s why Realise Health Plans include three telephone coaching calls to encourage you to make the changes that matter. You’ll get valuable help setting realistic health goals that you can stick to, and you’ll feel motivated by seeing your achievements on personal digital dashboard. Health coaching is provided by a Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)-registered dietitian.


Next steps made simple

Realise Health Plans make it easy for you to take the right steps to better health. You will receive a comprehensive report, which will highlight where you’re doing well and suggest any areas for improvement. You will also have access to discounts on products specific to your needs from ActivePlus and 50% off an annual membership for PureGym. 

Medical assistance

Online lifestyle assessment

Realise Health Plans harness the best of technology to give you a true picture of their health. Using online tools, the LiveSmart team will assess your nutrition, mental wellbeing and cognitive performance. 

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We’ll fit in with you

We can send your blood-sample collecting kits at no additional cost. Or LiveSmart’s nurses can come to you or you can always pop in to a LiveSmart-approved clinic.

Choose your Realise health plan

There are three to choose from. Each plan includes:

  • An online health assessment and blood tests 
  • Comprehensive health report from a qualified dietician** 
  • Three telephone coaching calls with a qualified dietitian 
  • A virtual GP consultation from Doctor@Hand 
  • 50% off an annual membership for PureGym
  • £10 off and free delivery on specific products on ActivePlus

** registered with Health and Care Professions Council

Realise health plans


6 blood tests

Discover your heart health and understand your risks of developing heart disease



34 blood tests

Understand risk factors for developing chronic disease and track your major organs



39 blood tests

Get a comprehensive view of your health including the risk of developing diabetes 


Realise health assessments

If you’re a little more cost conscious you may prefer the option of a health assessment without the dietician coaching and virtual GP consultation. You’ll still get a comprehensive report written by a qualified dietician, plus 50% off annual gym membership and a £10 AXA ActivePlus voucher.

Small Business

Help your team achieve their health goals with a Realise health plan. 


Find our more about how Realise health plans can help you drive your businesses wellbeing strategy forward.