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Support for muscles, bones and joints

Working Body Service

Problems with muscles, bones and joints have a habit of getting worse if they’re not treated. With Working Body, your clients can talk to a physiotherapist over the phone without a GP referral. They’ll assess their symptoms, talk to them about what they could mean, and help them plan what to do next. 

Individuals can access our Working Body telephone service through our Personal Health plan and can benefit from hands-on physiotherapy when the Therapies option is selected. Working Body is only available to those aged 18 years and over.

How it works

Advice that fits in with busy lives

Your clients won’t have to take time out for a GP appointment. Whether it’s during a lunch break or after the school run, one call to our Working Body team could help them get moving again.

Hassle free access

Hassle-free access to treatment

If the physiotherapist recommends specific exercises, they’ll guide your clients through some they can try at home – or even at work – and explain how to stop the pain from returning. If follow-on treatment is needed, they’ll recommend next steps.

Work through pain

No need to work through pain

As soon as your client feels a twinge, your clients can contact us and speak to our Working Body team. A qualified physiotherapist will call them back to talk through their symptoms and discuss possible treatment.


No GP referral

No need to see a GP for a referral

If your client needs physiotherapy, another hands-on therapy like osteopathy, diagnostic tests or a specialist consultation, they won’t need a GP referral. With the out-patient option, our in-house team can book them an appointment using our Fast Track Appointment service. An out-patient option is required for diagnostic tests and specialist consultations to be covered under your plan. Any face to face treatment required is only payable under the plan if they have chosen the Therapies option.

Meet the people behind the service

Becki McCulloch talks about Working Body, the clinically tested musculoskeletal pathway, only available with AXA Health.