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Fertility, early parenthood and menopause support

When it comes to life’s big journeys – planning a family, becoming a new parent or going through the menopause – it can be hard to know who to turn to for advice and support. Information can be confusing and people often struggle with their experiences, at home and at work.

We're working together with digital-health app Peppy to give employees the power to find their way more confidently through life’s most personal challenges.

Why investing in fertility, early parenthood and menopause support matters

Major events like menopause can have a huge effect on a person’s life, at home and at work. The experiences of fertility or infertility, as well as early parenthood, can be all-consuming – psychologically and physically. 

It’s important that employees can access information they can trust as well as practical and emotional support from experts when they need it. 



63% of women say symptoms negatively affect their work.1


Early parenthood

Lack of sleep has serious physical, mental and emotional impact, with obvious knock-on effects at work. 



90% of men and women experiencing fertility challenges in the UK say it has left them feeling depressed.


1 Menopause in the workplace study, Forth with Life, 2019
2 Fertility Network UK and Fertifa 2016

90% of Peppy menopause users felt more committed to their employer for offering the service.3

3 Based on Peppy research with a client. 130 respondents, 2019

With our service, your clients will be able to show their employees that they understand some challenges come first in life, supporting an inclusive culture where their teams can thrive. And, with concrete information and access to support to put employees’ minds at ease, they’ll be able to better focus on their work.

How it works

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Practitioner chat

An employee can message Peppy's highly trained and accredited fertility, menopause and early parenthood practitioners. There’s no appointment needed. 

Confidential consultations

They can book a private, one-to-one, 40-minute phone or video consultation with a Peppy practitioner specialising in fertility, menopause or early parenthood.4 Booking is easy over the secure app.

4 Menopause and fertility practitioners available 9am-9pm Mon-Fri, and early parenthood practitioners available 9am - 6pm Mon-Fri.

Easy to access
Articles and programmes

No more confusing internet searches or half-formed pictures. Anytime they want, they can use the app to access ‘quick answer’ videos and articles for help with the most common health questions, direct from Peppy experts. Also access wellbeing programmes, virtual events and group video broadcasts on topics such as coping with anxiety, infant feeding or HRT. 

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Inclusive and confidential

We provide access to confidential support for male-specific concerns as well as female ones so everyone’s heard. And support is of course for your client's whole workforce and their partners, whatever their gender or needs. 

Informed healthcare journey

Peppy practitioners can help employees manage physical, mental and emotional symptoms. If treatment’s needed, the practitioner can talk through the options and recommend an employee sees a GP for next steps.     

App users must be 18 or over. Service is subject to Peppy’s fair usage terms.