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Your health needs don’t stop, so we don’t either

Our Clinical Support Centre

Our Clinical Support Centre brings you remote access to specialists, with onward plans to care for your health. So you’re not worrying a minute more than you have to.

The network of experts working with us will use their knowledge and connections to get you safe access to the care you need. With a passion for patient care, they’ll help take the worry off your shoulders.

Just phone us and we’ll help you get the support you need.  And of course, if a face-to-face appointment is what you prefer, they’ll help you with that too, so you can keep your health on track.

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Partnering with experts

Our network of specialists includes leaders in their field. With years of experience at their fingertips, they’re ready to respond to your needs. Their expertise covers a range of conditions including cancer, cardiology, ENT, gastroenterology, gynaecology, orthopaedics and paediatrics. 

Plus, because our Clinical Support Centre is remote, you’re not limited to the expertise of specialists close to home. We’ve got clinicians from all over the UK available to help you get back on track. So you can be confident that, with AXA Health, you’re not just getting the support available. You’re getting some of the best support available in the country.

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Quick access to safe care

Our high standards of service inform everything we do. Our personal advisers will connect you to the health services and pathways we’ve put in place to get you to the healthcare support you need, as soon as you need it. Safely from your home, by video consultation or phone call, whatever you prefer.  

From 1 July usual outpatient benefit limits and plan excess will apply for members on a Personal or SME plan, when you use the Clinical Support Centre.

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Central support

One call to one number and you could be talking to a specialist within two working days.  Just call us on the number on your plan documents and we’ll help you access the health services and clinical support you need. 

Whether you need a GP prescription to manage a condition, advice from a specialist about next steps or urgent hospital treatment, our advisers can help you access the appropriate care today. You'll need to get a referral from your own GP, or our online GP service, to access the specialists in the Clinical Support Centre.

How it works

To help you see how our Clinical Support Centre is here for you we’ve brought it to life with these customer stories. They’re based on the real-life health needs we help our members with every day here at AXA Health.



Ruling out a cirrhosis diagnosis

Meet our member, David. David has recently been referred to a specialist by his GP. His blood test results suggest a liver problem, possibly cirrhosis. David’s really worried. It sounds like he could need urgent treatment but he has no idea whether that’s possible right now.

1204755_PB_HC_IND_Client Supp Cntre_Scenario 1_1.png Blue line.png 1204755_PB_HC_IND_Client Supp Cntre_Scenario 1_2.png Blue line.png 1204755_PB_HC_IND_Client Supp Cntre_Scenario 1_3.png Blue line.png 1204755_PB_HC_IND_Client Supp Cntre_Scenario 1_4.png

Thanks to his workplace scheme, David’s a member of AXA Health. He calls us to see if there’s any way we can help. Through our Clinical Support Centre, we put David in touch with Mrs Wilson a consultant gastroenterologist, and he has a video call consultation the same day.

Before the call, David emails his blood test results to Mrs Wilson which means she’s able to assess them and rule out cirrhosis of the liver.

On the video call, Mrs Wilson is able to reassure David that there’s no indication of a problem with his liver. She’s seen an issue with his blood count though so she suggests that he sees a haematologist, but this isn’t urgent.

After the video consultation, Mrs Wilson sends a letter to David and his GP suggesting some blood tests he could have, as well as a follow up appointment with an appropriate specialist. 



Establishing the next step for knee pain

Meet AXA Health member, Reshni. Reshni has experienced pain in her knee for the past three weeks. The pain comes and goes, but overall it’s been getting worse. Along with the pain, she’s noticed her knee seems to be stuck in place. She can’t remember doing anything that might have injured her knee. She’s in real discomfort. So she’s relieved when the personal adviser at our Clinical Support Centre is able to arrange a phone appointment for her with one of our Working Body physiotherapists for the following day. With no need for Reshni to get a GP referral first.

1204755_PB_HC_IND_Client Supp Cntre_Scenario 1_1.pngCall Blue line.png 1204755_PB_HC_IND_Client Supp Cntre_Scenario 1_2.pngConsult Blue line.png 1204755_PB_HC_IND_Client Supp Cntre_Scenario 1_3.pngDiagnose Blue line.png 1204755_PB_HC_IND_Client Supp Cntre_Scenario 1_4.pngReassure

After chatting with Reshni on the phone for 20 minutes, physiotherapist Angela talks Reshni through the possible reasons this may be happening and the ways they can approach treatment. Angela has identified that it could be a dislodged cartilage injury in Reshni’s knee and that she should see a specialist. 

AXA Health sets up a video appointment for Reshni with Mr Neal, an orthopaedic consultant, in three days time.  

Mr Neal agrees with the dislodged cartilage diagnosis. As Reshni is able to travel 15 miles to a diagnostics centre. An appointment is arranged for her in a couple of weeks.
Following the appointment, Angela, Reshni’s physiotherapist, gets the results of the test and lets Reshni know that physiotherapy will be the best treatment. She can organise this remotely for her.

The personal adviser at the Clinical Support Centre reassures Reshni that, if any further treatment covered by her plan is needed after her physiotherapy, they’ll be able to check her cover for her and authorise further treatment, if appropriate.



Straight to treatment for suspected cancer

Meet our member, Julie. Julie is upset. She’s found a lump in her breast while having her morning shower. As she’s an AXA Health member, she rings the Clinical Support Centre to find out whether we can help.

1204755_PB_HC_IND_Client Supp Cntre_Scenario 1_1.png Blue line.png 1204755_PB_HC_IND_Client Supp Cntre_Scenario 1_2.png Blue line.png 1204755_PB_HC_IND_Client Supp Cntre_Scenario 1_3.png Blue line.png 1204755_PB_HC_IND_Client Supp Cntre_Scenario 1_4.png

Julie speaks to Dev who asks her about her worry. He explains to her that AXA Health are still here to help members, including those with concerns about possible breast cancer symptoms. Her plan offers a breast assessment service so Dev transfers Julie straight through to a Onestop Breast Clinic on their call. At the Onestop breast clinic, they talk to Julie and arrange an appointment for her within two days at the closest location to her home.

At her appointment, Julie’s examined and assessed by Mr Jarvis, a consultant breast surgeon, and a nurse is also there to support her throughout. Mr Jarvis arranges a mammogram and a biopsy of the lump at the same consultation. Mr Jarvis lets Julie know that the biopsy results will be available within five working days. He also says that his initial feeling is that the lump is malignant. Because this is an anxious time for her, Julie is reassured that she can ring the nurse or her consultant to discuss anything while she waits for the results.

At her follow-up appointment, Julie learns that she does indeed have a malignant breast lump and needs surgery and radiotherapy. She’s relieved to be told that this surgery can go ahead, and she’s booked in to have the operation at the nearest private hospital, 10 days later.

After a period of recovery, Julie starts her radiotherapy treatment under the care of her oncologist, Dr Slade. Both Julie and her family are supported by the dedicated-nurse service at AXA Health, who are on hand to answer any concerns they have about her treatment, next steps and possible side effects.



Easy access to online GP support

Meet AXA Health member, Jenny. Jenny thinks her youngest son, Felix, needs to see a GP. His ear is inflamed and looks infected.  

When Jenny rings the Clinical Support Centre and speaks to Michael, he suggests that, as her family are covered on her healthcare plan, she can make an appointment through our online GP service, AXA Doctor at Hand, powered by Doctor Care Anywhere.

1204755_PB_HC_IND_Client Supp Cntre_Scenario 1_1.png Blue line.png 1204755_PB_HC_IND_Client Supp Cntre_Scenario 1_2.png Blue line.png 1204755_PB_HC_IND_Client Supp Cntre_Scenario 1_3.png

Jenny is relieved that she doesn’t need to take her son to a surgery at this time. After registering herself and her family members for the AXA Doctor at Hand service, she gets a convenient appointment the following day.²

Dr Morris looks at Felix’s ear during the video appointment and diagnoses an ear infection. He reassures her it isn’t anything too serious and prescribes a course of antibiotics to clear it up.

Felix’s prescription is delivered the next day straight to Jenny’s home³ which means Felix is soon back to his old self, jumping on the sofas again.



2Subject to appointment availability and the Doctor Care Anywhere fair-usage policy. See for details.
3Private prescriptions and delivery charges above the standard NHS prescription cost for each item will be reimbursed until the end of July 2020 and will be reviewed after this date. Please see for details.

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