Suicide awareness

Stigma and discrimination may stop us from recognising when someone is at risk of suicide or giving appropriate support. Having your teams learn about the possible risk factors linked to suicidal thoughts, along with how it can be prevented, may help you and them save a life.

Why we need to talk about suicide

A suicide doesn’t just happen, it is part of a series of events that lead to that final crisis. But if we all gain more awareness of suicide risks, it doesn't need to be inevitable. 

Suicide Prevention Poster

When you’re worried about someone, it’s not always possible to put your finger on the reason why. But asking someone how they are doing is rarely the wrong choice. Build health awareness in your business.

lack of concentration

An empty seat can be full of meaning.

It could mean that someone is experiencing one of the common symptoms of depression – loss of pleasure in leisure activities. Whether that’s watching their favourite players at Anfield Stadium or kicking a ball around with their friends in the park, withdrawing from leisure activities often goes undetected as a sign that someone is experiencing difficulties.