What are the upcoming priorities for employee health engagement?

7 November 2022

Employers are broadening and redefining their wellbeing strategies to support new and emerging business risks. 52%1  expect to spend more on wellbeing over the next two years, above and beyond their current activities. We asked what new areas of focus employers intend to look at in the next two years. 

This infographic shows the percentage of respondents surveyed for the AXA Health and REBA Employee Wellbeing Report 2022 who will be newly focusing on the following topics. We explored four categories – mental health, physical health, financial wellbeing and social wellbeing – and have displayed the top five for each. Please note: many organisations are already addressing some of these areas.

Employee health engagement

Employee health engagement

To retain staff, it's crucial that employers look after their people's welfare. It's not simply about providing benefits that ‘fix problems’: it's about building awareness and equipping individuals to be proactive with their health, as well as job design and how work can be good for wellbeing in general. 

1Source: AXA Health and REBA Employee Wellbeing Report 2022

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