Support for muscle, bones and joints

Working Body

Problems with muscles, bones and joints have a habit of getting worse if they’re not treated.

Our recently enhanced musculoskeletal service1, with a new digital experience, helps your employees access care without delay or need for a GP referral – and gets them on the road to recovery quicker.  

We're working with HBSUK and their multi-disciplinary team of muscle, bone and joint specialists, to give your employees fast access to online appointments with the right clinician - whether that's a physiotherapist or specialist.

The clinician they speak to during their video or phone call will assess your employee’s symptoms and explain what they could mean. 

Working Body is included as part of Advance, our corporate health scheme.

1 - Available to members 18 and over.

Getting your people the help they need, fast

Problems with muscles, bones and joints are a major cause of sickness absence. In the UK alone, sore backs, joint pain, strained muscles and similar issues are the second most common cause of sickness absence and accounted for 20.8 million working days lost in 2020.2

We understand it’s important that employees have access to the right support to help their recovery.

Our new digital first approach is based on clinical evidence, getting your employees to the right clinician first time to help speed up their recovery, delivering better health for your people and better value for your corporate scheme.

Our Working Body service gives your employees fast access to online appointments with the right clinician that include: 

standard physiotherapy (within 24hrs)3

advanced level physiotherapy (within 48hrs)3

orthopaedic specialists (within 72hrs).


2 - Office for National Statistics – Labour Force Survey 2020
3 - Timings are subject to change due to HBSUK clinicians also working for the NHS.

How it works

Advice that fits in with busy lives

Your employees won’t have to take time out for a GP appointment. Whether it’s during a lunch break or after the school run, as soon as there’s a problem, your employees can simply visit your Wellbeing Hub to self-refer.

Hassle free access

Fast access to the right support

They’ll be guided to complete an online clinical assessment with muscle, bone and joint specialists HBSUK. 

The outcome will direct them to book an online appointment with the right clinical expert, whether that’s a physiotherapist, advanced level physiotherapist or an orthopaedic specialist.4 All without the need for a GP referral first.


4 - Online appointment with; physiotherapist within 24hrs, advanced level physiotherapist within 48hrs and orthopaedic specialist within 72hrs. Mon- Fri 8am - 8pm. Subject to market conditions, due to HBSUK clinicians also working for the NHS.

Work through pain

Expert care without the need for a GP referral

The clinician will recommend next steps be that at home exercises, tests (including scans and X-rays 5) that the clinician can efficiently arrange there and then through the service, or refer for onward treatment if necessary.


5 - Subject to available healthcare scheme benefits.

No GP referral

Control of their care

Your employees are in control with 24/7 access to online service, they can start their journey, manage their appointments; book, rearrange or cancel as needed. They can enter details of their condition ahead of their conversation with the clinician, to get the most out of their appointment.

Your employees will be able to view any scans online during their follow-up appointment, as well as see their notes and any referral letters, and follow their tailored exercise routine at any time online.

“I found the portal easy to navigate, the video call easy to attend and the notifications clear”

AXA Health member

Working Body is included in all corporate health plans

Your employees don’t need to worry about their online appointments, within the digital service, affecting their out-patient limit, or the number of physiotherapy sessions they’re entitled to under your plan, and excess doesn't apply to their online appointments.

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