5 myths about Mindfulness

Share with your employees this myth busting infographic that reminds us all that looking after your mental health should be part of our everyday.

5 myths about mindfulness. One: 'mindfulness is just meditation' - Mindfulness is just one form of meditation. It teaches you to focus your attention on the present and should thoughts intrude on your session to notice them without any judgement and return to focussing on your breath. Two: 'You can only practice mindfulness in a quiet space' - Practice mindfulness whenever and wherever you can. Immerse yourself and your senses. For example if you're thinking about washing up, think about the warmth of the water, how the bubbles feel, and the sound of the dishes. Three: 'Mindfulness is a quick win' - Mindfulness needs practice and initially you may feel that your efforts make little difference. But regular practice pays off. Four: 'Mindfulness is only good for mental health' - The gift that keeps on giving... it's no surprise that mindfulness can benefit our mental wellbeing, but research indicates it has positive effects on the brain itself. Five: 'Mindfulness is only for Buddhists' - Mindfulness is not linked to any specific belief, code, or lifestyle - make it your own.