Did you get a call from 0116 2655309?

Did you get a call from 0116 2655309? A member of our sales team is trying to get in touch to ask if you would like to help your team stay healthy with our business healthcare cover. 

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Sorry we missed you

Did you get a call from 0116 2655309? We're sorry we missed you. We were calling to see if you would like to join over 300,000 SME members and support your team with one of our business healthcare plans. As well as fast access to private healthcare, your team would get access to the following benefits, included within your plan:

-24/7 access to our online private GP service (appointments are subject to availability) 
-Support for muscles, bones and joints (for members aged 18 and over)
-Phone support for cancer and heart conditions
-24/7 access to a health support line

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Small business health insurance is good for business

Feeling valued is motivating. With healthcare benefits for employees, you can show your team just how important they are to you. This helps you do business better in a number of ways:


Retain employees

The Association of British Insurers commissioned a survey of 2,005 people in 2023 and found 57% saw health insurance as a key part of an employee benefits package.


Attract top talent

Private healthcare cover shows you’re committed to your employees. The Financial Times (2023) argue that it can help you persuade top-level new recruits to commit to your business.


Flexible medical appointments

Allow your team to choose appointments at a time and location that suits them, so they can look after themselves and their work, no problem.

Get covered for an average of £26 per employee, per month*

Did you know you can combine our 3 most popular cover options including
- Treatment with Comprehensive Cancer Cover
- Mental Health Cover and
- Therapies 
with our cost-saving Guided option for an average of £26 per employee, per month?*
So, getting healthcare cover for your team doesn't have to break the budget. 

*The above example is based on three employees (aged 25, 35 and 40), living in a TN2 postcode, with a £100 excess and a two year moratorium on pre-existing conditions. Treatment with Cancer Cover, Therapies and Mental Health Cover included (over 50% of our customers chose these options in the last 6 months), plus our Guided option. The total cost for this Business Health plan is £76.62 per month, which is equivalent to £25.54 per employee. Costs are representative as of April 2024, and prices will vary depending on location, cover options and ages. 

About AXA Health

As AXA’s UK health and wellbeing specialist, AXA Health can help your employees bring their best selves to work. In a small business everybody counts, and keeping your business happy and healthy is key to getting the job done.  

Where do we start? We start with you. With whatever healthy looks like for you and your people, however they spend their days – out supporting clients, working from home, or coming into the workplace.

Having spent decades getting to know how small businesses tick, we have a deep understanding of what really makes a difference. No two businesses are the same, so we’ll help you build a tailored plan that fits your business needs and matches your budget. And you’ll have peace of mind too, knowing that everyone can access wellbeing support and medical help when they need it – all underpinned by our expertise.

Your people are your best asset: by investing in their health and wellbeing for the future, you’re setting your business up to thrive. 

It’s all backed up by our 5-star-Defaqto-rated private health insurance,* so you can rely on us to get your people the support they need to get back to work quickly – and also to help them stay well in the first place.

We were founded by doctors and hospitals working together to make a real difference: to give more people better access to healthcare. And we’ve been doing just that for the 80 years since – now with the might of one of the biggest insurance groups in the world behind us.

It’s our job to help you and your employees find your healthy.

*The Defaqto 5 Star Rating is based on an assessment of the overall product including all options. If some of the options are not selected, this will affect the product’s Star Rating.

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Defaqto 2024 Five_Star Expert Rated award

We’re proud that our Business Health plan has been rated 5 stars by independent financial information business, Defaqto. The Defaqto 5-star rating is based on an assessment of the overall product including all options. If some of the options are not selected, this will affect the product’s star rating.