Finding out that you or someone you love has cancer can be a shock. As well as getting to grips with a treatment schedule, often there are practical concerns and problems to deal with as well. It's a lot to take in. At AXA Health, we want your journey with cancer to be as stress-free as possible.

We know that when you're worried about your health, speed is really important. That's why, when you include Comprehensive Cancer Cover on your Personal Health plan, we make it as easy as possible for you to find out what's wrong.

And if you're worried about something you think might be cancer, you can call us directly without needing a GP referral first. We'll ask you a few questions to understand what's causing your concern and, if appropriate, offer you an an appointment for an initial clinical appointment. And should you be diagnosed with cancer, you'll be immediately connected to our cancer care team who will be with you every step of the way.

Our health insurance is designed to cover treatment of new medical conditions that begin after you take out the plan.

Our Personal Health cancer cover benefits

Opting to include Comprehensive Cancer Cover on your Personal Health plan offers peace of mind and the feeling of reassurance. We've highlighted below some of our key benefits this cover offers. (Please note access to Comprehensive Cancer Cover depends on your medical history and cover options chosen). 

Prompt access to expert help

When you've been diagnosed with cancer, you'll have quick access to specialists, and other health professionals when needed. 

Often the questions we have about our health come when we least expect it so at AXA Health our healthcare professionals on our cancer support phone service are available at the end of the phone day or night - we're here for you. 

Speak to our specialist cancer healthcare professionals on our cancer support service 9am-5pm Monday - Friday. Outside these hours our healthcare professionals provide round the clock support by phone.

Access to eligible cancer drugs and treatments

We want to help you get healthy and on your way to recovery as quickly as possible. That's why if your specialist recommends it, we will cover the costs of any licensed drug being prescribed within the terms of their licence. Out-patient drugs are not covered by this plan.

Treatment at a location to suit you

Across our Directory of Hospitals, you’ll find specialist units, screening centres, day-patient units and treatment units that suit you and your needs. 

We want your journey to be as smooth as possible, so if your doctor thinks it is appropriate, you’ll also be able to receive chemotherapy by IV drip at home.

Cancer support line

All members get access to our 24/7 Cancer Support phone service included as standard when you take out private health insurance with us, regardless of the cover options that you choose, providing access to experienced health practicioners whenever you need them.

Please note members who don't qualify for Comprehensive Cancer Cover, due to their medical history, or who choose the NHS Cancer Support Cover option instead, will have access 24/7 access to experienced healthcare professionals via our support line, but will not have access to the cancer care team phone service. More information about our NHS Cancer Support option can be found further down the page. 

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What this cover will pay for

We like to give you choice depending on which best suits your needs. We have two types of cancer cover - Comprehensive Cancer Cover and NHS Cancer Support.

Here's what you can expect to receive if you opt for our Comprehensive Cancer Cover:

  • Your own Dedicated Cancer Case Manager to see you through your treatment
  • Private hospital stays, day-patient units fees and scanning centres paid in full (so long as you use a hospital, day-patient unit or scanning centre listed in our Directory of Hospitals)
  • Diagnostic tests for Inpatients and day patients with no yearly limit
  • Testing to help choose the best chemotherapy for your diagnosis 
  • CT, MRI and PET scans paid in full at a scanning centre listed in our Directory of Hospitals
  • Specialist fees for the specialist treating your cancer with no yearly limit
  • Specialist consultations with the specialist treating your cancer when you are an out-patient (if you have an Outpatient Option, the consultations will not come out of your out-patient limit)
  • Drug treatment to kill cancer cells, including biological therapies and chemotherapy (there is no time limit on how long we cover these drugs)
  • Drugs that are licensed but are not routinely available on the NHS (these will be subject to your medical history and cover options chosen)
  • Radiotherapy, including when it is used to relieve pain
  • The costs of wigs and external prostheses needed during the active treatment of cancer. For wigs, this is up to £400 a year and £5,000 a year for any required prostheses
  • Monitoring and follow up consultations as long as you are a member and have a plan with us
  • Palliative and end of life care to relieve pain or other symptoms rather than cure the cancer

    Please note this is only available if you haven't had cancer before you take out your Personal Health Plan.

If you're unable to add the Comprehensive Cancer Cover option because of your medical history, or you choose to have the NHS Cancer Support option instead, this means we will not cover the cost of cancer treatment.

With the NHS Cancer Support option, we will however cover the cost of a licensed cancer drug which the NHS will not pay for if:

  • A specialist has recommended the drug and prescribed it, and it's proposed use is within the terms of it's licence.
  • We have agreed to the drug treatment in advance
  • The drug is licensed by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) or the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency 
  • The drug intends to affect the growth of the cancer

We will also cover the costs of external prostheses for up to £5,000 following surgery for a medical condition.

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Frequently asked questions

Everyone is different, so health cover will look different for everyone. The total cost of your private health insurance, with the cancer cover you choose, will depend on several factors. Things we consider include:

Age, smoker status, underlying conditions (such as chronic conditions), location & level of cover - You can also expect prices to increase with every additional cover Option chosen.

Our healthcare plans are designed to cover you for treatment of new medical conditions that begin after you join. For Personal Health, the Comprehensive Cancer Cover option is only available to those who have not had cancer before they join us.

Our NHS Cancer Support option is available to those who have had cancer before they take out their Personal Health plan. Having this option means that for cancer treatment, you would use the NHS or pay for the costs of treatment yourself. There is however some cover for a licensed cancer drug which the NHS will not pay.

Yes. If approved by a specialist, and the treatment is possible from home, we'll pay for a nurse to give you chemotherapy by intravenous drip.

No. We do not cover treatment abroad, just within UK hospitals and centres listed within our Directory of Hospitals.

*Lines are open 09.00 - 19.00 Mon - Fri. Closed Sat - Sun. We may record and/or monitor calls for quality assurance, training and as a record of our conversation.