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Experience and innovation in extraordinary times

Now is a testing time for employers and employees alike. But it’s also an opportunity to build a positive and more resilient culture.

Whether you’re planning a controlled return to the workplace or adjusting to new, remote ways of working, we’re here to help you meet the health and wellbeing needs of your teams. From health webinars to occupational health medical assessments, digital health coaching to anxiety counselling, we have the health and wellbeing services to support your managers and employees, and help your business thrive.

Help with returning to the workplace

The government has set out guidance for bringing employees safely back into the workplace. Alongside these ‘Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19)’ resources, we’ve created a risk assessment toolkit for you to use. 

Our toolkit outlines three steps for you to follow to make sure you have the correct measures in place to enable a safe and successful return to work. 

As an employer, you must maintain an up-to-date risk assessment for your business to address the risks presented by coronavirus transmission. And you must implement and maintain all reasonable control measures. So the toolkit also includes guidance and a risk assessment tool to help you meet your ongoing duty of care. 

Many employees who are more vulnerable to the coronavirus should be able to safely return to the workplace with the correct control measures and adjustments in place, as guided by occupational health. To help your HR teams and line managers support everyone’s return and identify those members of staff who are more vulnerable, make use of our ‘COVID-19 health risk return-to-work questionnaire’ for employees.

The following pages summarise how our health and wellbeing services can benefit your business at this time. Speak to your account manager to discuss any of them, or talk through what you already have available. We’ll let you know how our health and wellbeing service provision develops as we continue to find our way through these times together.

For links to the latest advice and information about the coronavirus, including our guidance about COVID-19 testing, visit our information pages: axahealth.co.uk/update-on-coronavirus/ and COVID-19: Considerations For Employee Testing1

1Accurate to government guidance issued.

Preventing workstation injury and staying well at home

Guidance and support in an uncertain time

Actively support your employees’ health and wellbeing

Information and wellbeing advice for you and your employees

Proactive ways to support mental and physical health

Further information

For the latest health information please visit our information page: axahealth.co.uk/update-on-coronavirus/

Our ‘Support for you and your teams’ guide contains health and wellbeing resources for you to share in  your internal communications. Take a look and see if there’s something there that could benefit your people today.

Speak to your account manager is you’d like to offer these services to your teams. Or, if you’re new to AXA Health, you can speak to an account manager by emailing us at sales.healthservices@axa-ppp.co.uk or calling 01412 454010.