Carmen's Feelgood Journey

Carmen's Feelgood Health Journey

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Real Feelgood Health journeys

In our documentary series we showcase real people who discovered fun and interesting activities that helped turn their lives around.

In a series of heartfelt, inspiring interviews, they take us on their emotional journeys. Starting at a time when they weren't in such a good place, to today, explaining the barriers they've overcome and the interesting things they do now to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Carmen's Feelgood Health journey

See how Carmen's visits to her local tennis club helped her get physically fit while helping deal with the loss of her husband.*

*Contains a reference to suicide.

Putting Feelgood Health to the test

We sat Carmen down with Dr Mark Winwood, AXA Health Clinical Lead for Mental Health Services, to see what effect playing tennis has on her Feelgood Health.

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