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Your Feelgood Health mindset

Because we all have different personalities and motivations, our journeys to physical and mental wellbeing are also different. We’ve created five different mindsets to help you find your own path to Feelgood Health. Hopefully they can inspire you into trying something new.

The good lifer

The Good Lifer

You are…
You’re perfectly in tune with yourself and you know what works for you. You go at your own pace and hate the idea of a trainer bellowing orders at you in a gym. You know how good moving makes you feel – but you don’t take it too seriously. You never call it ‘exercise’, because that would take all the fun out of it. You’re sceptical of new diet fads – you know how to balance eating healthily with the occasional indulgence. A kale salad is most delicious when followed by a piece of cake. Life’s too short to plan your week around workouts – you’re spontaneous. You make feeling good fit around your life.

You love…
Country walks (you never use the word “hike” – it sounds too much like hard work), city breaks, cycling to the shops, repotting plants – anything where exercise can be mixed with pleasure and living well.

Your Feelgood Health factor
You’re doing great! Keep up the good work on your fun-filled Feelgood Health path. Your spontaneous outlook really keeps your mind and body healthy – do you know how many steps you take exploring art galleries and cafés on a city break? Actually, you’ve probably never bothered to check – you’re too busy enjoying yourself.

How to embrace your Feelgood Health mindset even more
Why not shake things up a little bit? Small changes can stimulate your mind and keep your routine feeling fresh.

  • If you’ve got a usual dog-walking route, astound your hound by trying a new one. And while you’re doing it, try listening to a different radio station or podcast, or an audiobook from a genre you wouldn’t normally read.
  • Follow a recipe for a meal you’ve never made before. It keeps the mind sharp, and you get to indulge in something deliciously different at the end. Variety, as they say, is the spice of life: whether it’s Riddim Roots Radio or Middle Eastern cuisine, jerk chicken or jive, there’s so much to explore.
  • You might also want to try joining online groups or clubs – they’re a great way of meeting people and discovering new interests.
The butterfly

The Butterfly

You are…
You love being on top of the latest fitness, diet and wellbeing trends – you’re always on the hunt for the Next Big Thing. You reward yourself with the hottest sportswear and gadgets because when you look good, you feel good. But you have to admit that sometimes you’re a bit of a wellness butterfly, flitting from one trend to another. From Atkins to Paleo, you’ve got a library of diet books gathering dust under your bed. You can’t help it – with all your energy, you’d get bored doing the same thing week after week. You love prioritising wellbeing plans – but you’re equally likely to slip off your latest regime and reach for the chocolate when your mind starts to wander. Never mind: tomorrow’s a new day and there’ll always be something new to stimulate your interest.

You love…
An intense, club-style spin class, the peacefulness of yin yoga; the latest Tabata workout followed by an amazing Keto shake (unless you’re on a detox day, when you’ll switch it for a few glasses of hot water with lemon).

Your Feelgood Health factor
We love your enthusiasm and curiosity! But all this zig-zagging between the latest fads could end up being hard work without much long-term reward.

How to embrace your Feelgood Health mindset even more
You have boundless energy! Have you thought about how you could harness it more consistently, and share it with others?

  • Maybe you’ve got a friend who needs a hand walking their dog, or a neighbour who can’t get out to the shops? Put on your latest leggings and get volunteering. You’ll find it gives you a more enduring endorphin hit – a slow burn of satisfaction.
  • See if you can start training with your friends on a regular basis. Get a WhatsApp group together, and plan a weekly walk, jog, yoga session or cycle. You can use your enthusiasm to keep your friends motivated.
  • Make sure you take time out every so often to find some balance and calm. Why not try regular mindfulness sessions to help calm your mind?
The gains guru

The Gains Guru

You are…
You’re serious about health – you devote set times to free weights sessions, gym classes, road work, even just making the perfect protein smoothie. It might taste like pond water, but that just means it’s working – as they say, if there’s no pain, there’s no gain. You love pushing yourself – you get high on achievement and smashing your personal best. Your competitive streak means you can’t just go out for a relaxing bike ride: your idea of fun is to make it a race. You’re even serious about relaxing – you track your sleep to make sure you’re in peak condition for tomorrow’s workout.

You love…
Shredding, stamina, reps, personal bests and optimum nutrition.

Your Feelgood Health factor
We envy your determination – we’d love even a tenth of your drive! We know you think ‘fun’ is too trivial a word to apply to wellness, but we think you’d enjoy things more if you used your motivation and experience to inspire other people.

How to embrace your Feelgood Health mindset even more

  • If your routine has got a little… routine, why not change it up? Go for a run in the woods instead of the treadmill and combine it with some mindfulness. Stop to bathe in the beauty of a forest and find some quiet, still time where you’re not competing against anything or anyone. OK, if you start to crave another endorphin rush, you can always deadlift a log or do some pull-ups on a branch.
  • Wellbeing isn’t just about personal bests and goals, it’s also about enjoyment. So why not take time to enjoy your favourite comedian’s latest show or share a meal with one your oldest friends – you’ll find that solid belly laughs can feel as great as completing three sets of crunches.
  • Find a PT or gym that takes a holistic approach to wellness. That way you can work on your mind, body and soul all at the same time.
The mindful master

The Mindful Master

You are…
You’re at one with your body, its cycles and the rhythms of the universe. You’re a spiritual creature who’s at home in nature, whether that’s reiki therapy or just raking up the leaves in the garden. You understand the value of taking me-time: it could be morning meditation, an afternoon nap or an indulgent soak with aromatherapy oils, followed by an early night. Reading about the latest diets just makes you smile – you’ve been eating simple, healthy food for a long time. You’re mindful of the planet and its resources, and you know that a plant-based diet (or at least one with less meat in it) is better for your wellbeing and everybody else’s. You don’t set yourself any health or wellbeing targets because you can just tell when your balance is off, and you usually know what to do to correct it.

You love…
Forest bathing, crystal therapy, aromatherapy, massage, yoga and meditation.

Your Feelgood Health factor
Your calm, positive aura is infectious – people are energised just by being in your presence. Your mindful nature means you love spending time looking inwards – but maybe sometimes you’d enjoy sharing activities with other like-minded souls.

How to embrace your Feelgood Health mindset even more
Seek group activities which you can do in the freedom of the open air.

  • Why not see if there are any local conservation projects that you could get involved in. Planting trees, sowing meadows and digging ponds for local wildlife is good for the soul — and it’ll get your heart pumping, too.
  • Channel your chakras into your local community: volunteer to help out with physical projects, or join fun runs, cycles or walks with your friends to raise funds for local charities.
  • Expand your awareness by trying out different forms of mindfulness, yoga, exercise, and even news streams. Switch it up and take notice of the changes.