My control

25 February 2021

It’s the degree to which you feel you have control over the outcome of events in your life.

You can divide control into two categories: internal and external.

An internal sense of control means you as a person can attribute success to your own efforts and abilities. You may feel more motivated and be more likely to learn. You may say or believe thoughts such as: “I make my own luck,” “It’s up to me,” “If I work hard, I will be successful”.

An external sense of control means you as a person would be more likely to attribute success to luck or fate. You may feel less motivated and less likely to make the effort to learn. You may say or believe thoughts such as: “There is nothing I can do about it,” “Life is down to luck,” “It is what it is”.

How can I feel more in control?

For some of us, the thought of being in control is unfamiliar.  But studies have shown that as we age, our sense of control does become more internal. Paying attention to the present moment (or mindfulness) has also been found to boost a sense of control.

Top tips for success

Take notice of the new things around you Break out of autopilot by changing existing habits


  • Some of our habits can become so engrained that we find ourselves in autopilot. When we are in autopilot our mind is free to wander. You might drive to work and not even remember how you got there. 
  • A great way to break out of autopilot is to break habits. Taking a different route to work or going on a new walk are great ways to help bring our attention back to the present moment and help us to notice all the new and changing things around us.