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Employee Engagement

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Welcome to the AXA Health Employee Engagement Resource Library

Here you can access our marketing resources for your employees, to drive awareness and engagement with the AXA Health products and services available to them.

First, click on the appropriate product to reveal a list of the available documents. Please take care to choose the document version that is appropriate for your employees. If you're unsure, please contact your AXA Health Account Manager.

After you download your document, where applicable, don't forget to add in any required information like phone numbers and access codes.

Health and Wellbeing Calendar 2024

For ready-to-use wellbeing content to fuel your health engagement strategies, including 2024 awareness days, live mini webinars, chats, articles and support tools for employee engagement, download our Health & Wellbeing Calendar today. 

    Disclaimer: Not all marketing resources available in this library will be relevant to you and your employees. The relevancy of marketing resources will be dependent on the benefits you have selected from AXA Health. You are solely responsible for ensuring that the resources you share with your employees are applicable to them. AXA Health shall not be liable to you and your employees for any loss (whether direct or indirect), in each case arising out of or in connection with the sharing of marketing resources from this resource library. If you are unsure about the resources which are relevant to you, please contact your AXA Health Account Manager.