UK Workplace Mind Health Report 2024

The path to flourishing mind health

A focus on kindness in the workplace

Our latest UK mind health workplace report includes top tips and fresh insight to guide your business.

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More than half (53%) of UK survey respondents aren’t in a positive state of mind health. 

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Over two thirds (69%) of young workers have recently experienced moderate or severe symptoms of stress.

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Nearly a third of managers (29%) have moderate to extremely severe symptoms of depression.

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Be sure to read our UK mind health workplace report as we explore three emerging workplace themes. 

  1. The challenges and opportunities in supporting our younger workforce who have the highest rates of loneliness and social isolation, alongside symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. 
  2. Where to place focus in support of line managers, whose role is both pivotal and all-encompassing, ensuring they are well-equipped to help themselves and others too. 
  3. Creating a supportive, caring workplace environment given the positive impact to wellbeing, loyalty and performance. 

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*Based on 2024 Mind Health Study sample of 16,000 participants aged between 18-75 across 16 countries including the UK.

Here’s what our leaders and experts say

Heather Smith, Chief Executive Officer, AXA Health

Heather Smith, Chief Executive Officer,
AXA Health

“The overall importance of workplace mind health support is reinforced throughout the study. Employees are three times more likely to have flourishing mind health when they feel supported by their employer during difficult situations, compared to those who are not satisfied with their company’s support.”

Eugene Farrell

Eugene Farrell, Mental Health Consultancy Lead, AXA Health

“Kindness is contagious. It makes people feel valued, respected and included. And when people feel those things, the kinder they are to others. It becomes a virtuous circle, which can be a really powerful thing, particularly in the workplace.” 

Zoe Ashdown, Head of Culture & People Engagement, AXA UK

Zoe Ashdown, Head of Culture & People Engagement, AXA UK

“Offering the right support is key, but it’s also important to build an open culture that encourages people to look after their mind health and seek help if they need to. From resources that inform and educate, to services that help people through difficult situations, mind health support should be holistic and adaptable.”  

Dr Imren Sterno

Dr Imren Sterno, Lead Consultant Clinical Psychologist, AXA Health

"Creating a culture shift and a psychologically safe environment is something that requires real effort, time and dedication. This will ultimately result in improved staff wellbeing, an increase in motivation and innovation, and improved productivity – all of which benefit both the individual and the organisation." 


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