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Health Assessments

Many of us let our own health slip down our list of priorities. Perhaps we’re too busy working hard and looking after our families. Perhaps we’ve preferred to ignore the warning signs, or promised ourselves we’ll do better next year. Perhaps we’re simply unaware.

Whatever the reason, it can be difficult to find your route to wellbeing. Our assessments make it easy for you to see where to focus your efforts. And how even small steps can add up to great strides, making it easier to keep going and aim further.

As part of your healthcare cover, you are entitled to 25% off on a range of Nuffield Health or Circle Health Group Health Assessments. (Terms and conditions apply). More details about the health assessments available to you including prices, please visit Health assessment (

To book with Nuffield Health, please their central bookings team on 03452 302040. You will need to quote the client account number ‘10519’ to obtain the discounted rate. Full payment is required at the time of booking. To find the nearest Nuffield Health Centre please visit

For Circle Health Group Health Assessments, please visit or call 0800 004 600 quoting T57 to receive your discount.