The AXA Health Plan

Build it.
Adapt it.
Use it your way, everyday.

Forget one-size-fits-all health plans. Now you can:

  • Simply pick and mix from four cover options
  • Have different cover for different family members
  • Include family members living at different addresses

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  • Fast access to
    private healthcare

  • Online GP service

  • 24/7 health support line

Build your AXA Health Plan

Your new building blocks for better health.

  • Outpatient diagnosis and care
  • Inpatient and day patient care
  • Cancer care
  • Mental health care
  • Health and wellbeing benefits and extras included as standard

The AXA Health Plan equips you with the tools to build and adapt a health insurance plan that's personal to you and your family. All with the reassurance of fast access to private healthcare, along with health and wellbeing benefits and extras you can use every day.

as standard for all members over 18 Health and wellbeing benefits and extras included Grandpa Dad Mum Daughter

How the AXA Health plan works

Have it your way. The plan that fits around you and your family.

  • Build it.

    Build your health plan in just a few simple steps.

    • Simply pick and mix to create your own combination from four cover options.
    • Create different combinations for family members you want to add – even if they live at another address.
    • You can buy Cancer care, Outpatient diagnosis and care or Inpatient and day patient care as standalone cover options so you can focus on what matters to you.
  • Adapt it.

    Flex your plan to suit each member’s needs.

    • Select your preferred level of excess for each member.
    • Choose between three specialist options.
    • Add or remove members if you need to.
    • Just tap to see exactly what you’re covered for and what you’re not in your online account.
  • Use it your way, every day.

    Get hands on with health and wellbeing benefits and extras you can use every day.

    • Use our online GP service whenever you need it, as well as our 24/7 health support line.
    • Keep on top of your health with easy access to health checks.
    • Stay healthy and happy with discounted gym memberships and wellbeing services.

How it works

Build your own plan - choose from four options to create the plan that’s right for you.

Standalone options include Outpatient diagnosis and care, Inpatient and day patient care and Cancer care. Mental health care must be selected with one of the other cover options. As with most insurance, there are some things we don’t cover under any care option. See what's not covered.

Outpatient diagnosis and care

Designed to get you in front of a specialist fast, so you can start your healthcare journey quickly.

  • See a specialist fast – we can even book the appointment for you, if you’d prefer.
  • Get as many tests, scans and x-rays as you need.
  • Get reassurance with our second opinion service.
  • Get support for muscles, bones and joints without a GP referral if you’re over 18.

Inpatient and day patient care

If you need to stay in hospital, even if it’s just for the day, this care option gives you access to over 250 approved hospitals.

  • Have surgery or other inpatient care fast, in the comfort of a private hospital.
  • Have day patient tests or treatment.
  • Get the follow-up outpatient tests and treatment that your specialist says you need after hospital, including physiotherapy, even if you don’t have the Outpatient option.
  • Get a cash payment if you decide to use the NHS for treatment your plan would have covered.

Cancer care

Our Cancer care option gives you wide-ranging treatment and support after a new cancer diagnosis is given.

  • Get private surgery and drug treatment for cancer.
  • Access the latest licensed approved cancer drugs and treatments including some that aren’t routinely available on the NHS - when your specialist refers you.
  • Get phone support from our experienced cancer nurses and a dedicated case manager who’ll be a consistent point of contact to support you (and your family) throughout your treatment.
  • Receive chemotherapy at home if you wish, if your doctor thinks it’s appropriate.

Mental health care

Our Mental health care option gives you access to private healthcare for mental illness.

  • Access cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) or other therapy with a GP referral.
  • See a specialist at hospital, or get inpatient care if you need psychiatric treatment.
  • No yearly limit on fees for psychiatric treatment.

As with most health insurance, there are some things we don’t cover under any care option. See what's not covered.

Everyday healthcare

Health and wellbeing benefits and extras for the everyday, every day.

Get more from your membership with a range of services and tools to help you stay happy and healthy. Available to all members over 18.

  • Book an online phone or video GP appointment at a time of day - or night - that suits you.
  • Take an easy-to-use blood assessment at home to check key health markers.
  • Chat a worry through with a mental health expert 24/7.
  • Get medical information fast from our 24/7 health support line. Nurses are available 24/7, midwives and pharmacists work to a schedule but will call you back.
  • Keep healthy with discounted gym memberships and wellbeing services.

Your AXA Health plan

The plan that puts you first.

Plenty of ways to control your costs and built-in features to make your membership work fairly.

  • More ways to control your costs

    Select a specialist network that suits your needs and your budget. Choose a different excess level for each member.

  • A fair no claims discount

    If you only claim a small amount, you'll keep more of your discount.

  • Fair excess that covers 12 months from your first treatment, regardless of your renewal date.

  • Over 250 approved hospitals across the UK.

Private health insurance

How the AXA Health Plan could work for you.

We’ve created some examples of how the plan could work

  • Gavin wanted some reassurance for his whole family

    I wanted to know my family could get treatment without sitting on a waiting list for ages. And I wanted my mum to worry less too. So I built this plan to suit us. Ella and I have got all four options – we didn’t include Mental health care for Joshy as he’s only five. And then mum has cover for Inpatient. We use the online GP service a lot – we both work full-time so it’s good we can book appointments at the weekend. And we’ve both signed up for the gym again too – the discount makes a big difference. I feel happier knowing the cover is there if any of us need it.

  • Leila’s plan fits her budget

    I never thought I could afford health insurance, but the way this is set up, I can just have the bits I want. I worry about cancer – mum had it – so I just have the Cancer care option. So I know that if I ever get a cancer diagnosis, I can get treated privately. The online GP is brilliant - I paid for my antibiotics and got them sent to me in the post which saved me loads of hassle.

    It’s just an extra level of reassurance, without costing me too much.

Questions about our private health insurance

More questions?

    • The AXA Health Plan takes some of the worry out of accessing healthcare. It covers private treatment for new conditions, and includes access to an online private GP service.
    • You can see everything about what we do and don’t cover in the information we’ll give you before you buy.
    • You pay a monthly or yearly cost, and then if you become ill or have an accident, you can choose to use private healthcare, so long as it’s covered by your membership.
    • You usually start off by seeing a GP – that can be an NHS GP or a private one. Then if you need to see a specialist, you can get in touch with us and we’ll walk you through what you’re covered for.
    • If you choose an option that covers seeing a specialist or having hospital treatment, this will usually be in a private hospital – we cover hundreds across the UK. We can help you find a specialist near you, and even book the appointment for you.
  • Private health insurance covers private treatment for new medical conditions – it’s not designed to cover conditions you already have symptoms of when you join. The treatment that’s covered will depend on the cover you choose – we offer a range of options so you can select what matters to you. For example, you could choose to have cover for:

    • seeing a specialist for your first visits to discuss diagnosis
    • inpatient or day patient treatment, including operations, in a private hospital
    • cancer treatment if you ever get a cancer diagnosis
    • help with mental health conditions.

    You can work out a combination that’s right for you – and choose different combinations for any family members too.

    As with most insurance, there are some things we don’t cover under any care option:

    Chronic conditions

    • We don't cover treatment or monitoring of ongoing, recurring and long-term conditions (chronic conditions).

    Pregnancy and childbirth

    • We don't cover pregnancy or childbirth

    Dental or optical treatment

    • We don't cover dental procedures.
    • We don't cover services that a dentist or optician would usually carry out (primary care).

    Treatments, drugs and dressings

    • We don't cover fees for outpatient drugs, dressings and private prescriptions.
    • We don't cover services that a GP practice would usually carry out (patient care).
    • We don't cover preventative treatment or tests when there are no apparent symptoms.
    • We only cover treatment shown to be safe and effective by NICE, or by clinical trials that we recognise.
    • We only cover the approved Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Products (medicines based on genes or tissues) listed on our website.

    You can see everything about what we do and don’t cover in the information we’ll give you before you buy.

  • Most health insurance, from any insurer, is designed to cover new medical conditions, not those you have already. So your cover for conditions that started before you joined will be limited.

    For most people joining the AXA Health Plan, we won’t cover any condition you had symptoms of in the three years before you joined. This includes if you had symptoms of a condition that hadn’t been diagnosed. This will last until you’ve been a member for at least two years, and you’ve had at least two years in a row trouble-free from the condition. Trouble-free means haven’t gone to a medical practitioner, had any treatment or advice, followed a special diet, or taken medication, including over-the-counter medication.

    As well as this rule, we also have specific rules for some conditions too - including:

    • chronic conditions – we'll only cover acute episodes, not long-term treatment.
    • cancer - we'll only cover new cancer, not cancer that you had at any point before you joined. This includes if the previous cancer comes back or spreads.
    • diabetes - we won’t cover diabetes or some other specified conditions.
    • raised PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) - if you've had a raised PSA that has led to investigation, monitoring or treatment, we won't cover any prostate conditions.
  • If you are thinking of joining AXA Health, simply start a quote – it doesn’t take long, and we won’t ask tricky medical questions. You can also give us a call on 0800 169 7593.

    If you’re already with AXA Health, it’s easiest to contact us through your online account.