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  • Demonstrate your commitment to employee health and wellbeing, and provide a focal point that brings your employees together.

  • Showcase your investment in your corporate health and wellbeing strategy by sharing news of your successes with your employees, customers and stakeholders.
  • Motivate your employees to actively engage in their own health with our proven tools and support.

  • Build a more holistic understanding of your business’ health. More employees engaging in your programme will enable better targeting of future investment in employee health.

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The AXA Health Age Calculator is available to all employees with access to our Proactive Health Gateway. So to be able to pledge your years younger commitment you do need to be an AXA PPP healthcare customer. If you’re not already working with us and would like to join some of Britain’s most forward thinking businesses in supporting your employees’ health and wellbeing, please get in touch.

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Thank you for showing an interest in our 50,000 Years Younger Together campaign.

By submitting your pledge, you agree that AXA PPP helthcare and AXA PPP healthcare group can use your information to keep you informed around the 50,000 campaign, which can include news on products and services from us. As a part of the campaign you agree that we can publish your pledge details. An example of this use is the Who's joined section on this site. We will only use your details for the purpose of this campaign. You can see our privacy policy here.


We can help you set an ambitious, but achievable, target that will improve health and wellbeing, reduce health risks and improve productivity in your business. This guide gives an idea of how to work out a possible target based on your current health and wellbeing culture.


Relatively new to wellbeing
1 year for every 4 employees

Health and wellbeing is established, but you’re new to working with our Proactive Health programme

1 year for every 2 employees

Health and wellbeing is part of your culture and you’ve already been working with us to reduce health risks

1 year per employee

There are many factors that need to be considered when activating a programme in a large organisation. Leave the number of years field on the form blank and we’ll get in touch to discuss this with you.