Building your wellbeing culture together

Just like people, businesses need healthy routines too – that’s why we’ve developed the Wellbeing Cycle.

One size, does not fit all

The information technology sector is progressive and constantly evolving, competition for talent is high and employers are working hard to create environments where workers feel valued. The industry sees health trends around stress and burn-out as employees, including millennials and generation Z, adapt to new ways of working whilst business seek to develop their next generation of leaders.1,2,3

526,000 workers in the UK suffered from work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2016/17, and 12.5m working days were lost as a result over that period. 4

Technology sector sees the highest staff turnover rate (13.2%) with high-demand and rising compensation. 5

The IT sector experienced a 3% increase in Occupational Health referrals where the employee was absent. 6

The cost of absence to the UK economy will increase to £21bn in 2020.7

Too often, occupational health and wellbeing initiatives are implemented and not well evaluated. Effective health and wellbeing programmes are built around insight, they sustain engagement, tackle absence and presenteeism and crucially intervene and support employees and managers when they’re most at need.

Let’s work together to combine our health and wellbeing expertise with your
intimate knowledge of your business to unlock the power of everyone bringing their best self to work:

  • Ensure the health and wellbeing of your workforce by proactively
    preventing ill health.
  • Keep your business compliant with clear, timely, impartial
    management advice.
  • Reduce the cost of absence by supporting employees back to work
    through occupational health case management that’s led by clinicians
    not process.
  • Develop programmes that equip line managers with the confidence
    and ability to intervene and act early.

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