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Health at Hand

Expert help, anytime of day

If you’ve got a concern about your health – day or night – we’re here for you. Access to our telephone helpline, Health at Hand, is available to you and your family. When you’ve got a health question, it’s good to know there’s someone on hand to talk things through. That’s where Health at Hand comes in.

Ask us anything you like about your health. Discuss your symptoms with a nurse. Check your medication with a pharmacist. Talk to a counsellor about how you’re feeling. Speak to a midwife about your pregnancy.

Whatever you need, our medical professionals are here to put your mind at ease – so you’re not worrying a minute more than you have to.

Some of the ways we can help

  • If it’s the middle of the night and your child’s temperature is going through the roof, we’ll help you work out whether you need to rush to A&E or not.
  • If your chesty cough is getting worse, we’ll help you work out whether you need a doctor or a dose of honey and lemon.
  • Whatever shape or size your worry, whether you need reassurance, urgent support or help with living well every day, just pick up the phone to us at Health at Hand.
  • If you’ve received some medical test results you don’t understand, we’ll help you understand what they mean.

It’s our calling to care for you

Rhiannon Eyre, Nurse

Helping someone who is struggling gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside.  It’s what nursing is all about. I am passionate about guiding people when they feel lost.  To help them realise they are never alone regardless of the situation they are in.  

Gemma Middleton, Pharmacist

As a Pharmacist for Health at Hand I love the varied calls we receive. Whether our member is on the other side of the world on an adventure or struggling with their medicines on a day-to-day basis we get the chance to offer our help. It’s such a rewarding and interesting role and every day we get transported to where our members are and the opportunity to use our skills to help. 

Emma Cronin, Midwife

I enjoy being able to give people the time they need to discuss their concerns and making that difference in their times of need. What is particularly lovely is when you can hear in their voice the relief and a reduction in their anxiety levels.

You really helped me to understand my skin problem and how to treat it effectively with medications available to me. You took time to listen and explain everything to me. I found the information you gave me about my medication very helpful and really, really reassuring.

Mrs Joy Cooper, AXA Health member

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