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Feelgood Health tips for The Opportunist

Have a look at our experts' articles for some great hints and tips to help you find your Feelgood Health. For even more helpful information visit our Feelgood Health tips page.

Mental health
Self-care: an indulgence, or a modern-life necessity?

Taking a step back to look at why we’re busy, what we could do less of, accept help with, or simply omit from our lives is an important step in self-care...

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The mind-body connection

Having a stressed mind can negatively impact on your physical health and vice versa. AXA Health physiologist, Rhys Clark, explores the inextricable link between body and mind...

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Sleep 'Mindful Breathing During the Day'

Richie Norton brings you some of his tips, activities and movements to help you get a better night's sleep.