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Imagine a GP service that’s built around your client's business

AXA Doctor at Hand

Imagine after a long day making big decisions for your business, you get home late and can still have that GP appointment you need. Imagine there’s a bug going around at work but your team have an important deadline to meet and can’t leave the office. Imagine you need a prescription ahead of your business trip to New York in 48 hours.

At AXA Health we’ve imagined it all. That's why we're giving your SME clients unlimited access to AXA Doctor at Hand, our online, private GP service, powered by Doctor Care Anywhere.*

From a choice of appointments with GPs or Advanced Nurse Practitioners for advice, prescriptions, tests or eligible referrals3, AXA Doctor at Hand takes care of things seamlessly.

How it works

Health info
Convenient video or phone appointments

Just book an appointment online or through the app and your clients could be talking to a doctor or an Advanced Nurse Practitioner within hours1. They'll have 20 minutes to chat by video or phone from wherever’s convenient for them. Plus Doctor Care Anywhere doctors are highly experienced and registered with the General Medical Council. 

Calls answered
24/7 GP access

Your clients can talk to a GP online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year (subject to availability). Advanced Nurse Practitioner appointments are available between the hours of 8am - 10pm. Everyone can now fit appointments around their work. And when their employees can sort out their medical worries quickly, they’ll be healthier, happier and more productive.

From the GP to the Specialist
Everything from diagnosis to referrals

Doctor Care Anywhere doctors and Advanced Nurse Practitioners are able to diagnose any problems your clients may have2 and recommend treatment. They can also arrange referrals to specialists, and may also be able to refer you for diagnostic tests for some conditions. If something needs looking into, the GP can refer them for some tests and scans3, without them needing to see a consultant first. Prescriptions can also be delivered to their door or chosen pharmacy4.

Prescriptions made easy

If your client needs a prescription, they can be delivered to their home, office or chosen pharmacy4.

Medical records at a touch
Everything your team needs

Everything your client needs is in one place, from booking an appointment and seeing a GP when it suits them, to having a specialist referral sent straight to our Fast Track Appointments team (your clients will need to include an out-patient option in their plan for the consultation to be covered). And Doctor Care Anywhere can share information with their regular GP, so they’re updated after each appointment.

Home or abroad
Home or abroad

When your client needs medical advance on holiday or abroad, they can get the  reassurance they need to feel better. GP appointments are available when in the UK, or can be used for medical advice when abroad. 

In good hands

The security and confidentiality of your clients’ AXA Doctor at Hand consultations are an absolute priority for AXA Health and Doctor Care Anywhere (DCA). Here’s how we are keeping their private information safe:

  • Consultations are completely confidential and bound by the levels of patient confidentiality you’d expect with medical appointments
  • The website and app use the latest security technologies to keep your clients’ information secure
  • Regular testing of the advanced encryption systems ensures there are no weaknesses in the platform and no unauthorised parties can access confidential data
  • DCA work with the authorities who oversee information governance in the NHS to ensure the platform meets NHS standards
  • Voice and video data is fully encrypted
  • Consultations are recorded and stored securely in an encrypted database - copies of video or audio consultations can easily be requested (but they are not provided through the app automatically)

Find out more about AXA Doctor at Hand, our 24/7 online GP service

1 Subject to appointment avaliability and the DCA Fair usage policy.

2 Doctor Care Anywhere are not a emergency medical service and our plans do not cover emergencies.

3 Available from 1st December 2021, dependant on the cover option chosen. Where clinically and geographically appropriate. Dependants must be aged 18 and over for a GP to organise diagnostic testing.  

4 Available in most circumstances. Outpatient prescriptions and delivery are not covered by the plan and may cost more than on the NHS. Prescriptions are only available in the UK.