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Thanks for sharing your opinions in our Intermediary Insight Survey Q1–Q2 2021. We very much appreciate you taking the time to give us your feedback. Knowing how you feel about us helps us continue to focus on delivering excellent service and maintaining strong relationships.

We’ve made our surveys shorter so that we can react more swiftly to your comments and so that your insights can more directly influence change. This time, we were especially interested in understanding your thoughts about our changing brand strategy.

Highlights of the survey

  • Your satisfaction with AXA Health remains high.
  • You gave us the highest satisfaction scores we’ve seen for the past five years.
  • You’re particularly satisfied with our staff and servicing.

“Excellent service for customers and intermediaries. High levels of competence and knowledge from staff.”  


What you told us about our brand strategy

We’re proud of our heritage but we recognise the need to change to meet the evolving needs of our members and intermediaries. We know that it may take a while to change perceptions of who we are and what we offer but we’re encouraged by the growing recognition of our shift from payer to partner. We shared our bold new strategy for becoming AXA Health through our relationship managers and in a series of communications in 2020 and 2021, including our briefing pack.

  • You said that we clearly articulated the changes and that you felt informed about what we were doing. 
  • You told us that you have a clear understanding of our strategic aims. 
  • You also said that bringing Health-on-Line under the AXA Health brand umbrella has made the products easier to communicate. 
  • Many of you feel we are a specialist in health, while some still see us a healthcare insurer rather than a health and wellbeing specialist. 

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83% of you see AXA Health as a leader in health and wellbeing
Intermediary Insight Survey, April 2021

What you told us about our products

We always ask you about our products and how you feel they’re meeting the needs of your clients in today’s world.

  • You’ve asked for more flexibility in our plans.
  • Our Guided Option remains popular. It’s available on our Business Health and Personal Health plans and can help reduce your clients’ subscriptions.

Our nutrition service for members receiving treatment for cancer is another way we're demonstrating new and innovative ways to support our members.

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90%of you find AXA Health offers your clients flexible products and services they can afford
Intermediary Insight Survey, April 2021

“Guided Option works for most clients and is priced extremely well.” 


What you told us about our servicing

You remain satisfied with the service we offer you but there are some areas where we could improve.

  • Pre-renewal activity and accommodating urgent requests is a key need.
  • Confirming renewals is important for regional brokers.
  • You told us you weren't clear about how Amplify can support you. Watch the video to find out more.
  • You’d like renewal documents to be sent digitally at eight weeks instead of six weeks.
  • You’d like to see an online servicing portal to use for calculating mid-term adjustments (MTAs) as well as renewals and invoices. We’re working on this for you.
  • You think very highly of our staff. You tell us they're helpful and efficient and provide excellent customer service.

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22%of you asked for digital servicing support and ongoing account management
Intermediary Insight Survey, April 2021

For more information about this survey, please contact your intermediary account manager.

“Renewals need to be digital sent to a specific email instead of post. With a lot of people away from offices this would make it easier.” 


“Excellent relationship with our account managers, renewal and new business and overall business development team.”