Voluntary healthcare schemes

A voluntary private healthcare scheme is an alternative to a company-funded private healthcare scheme. They allow all employees access to private healthcare cover, for example, where a company healthcare plan is restricted to a certain percentage of employees only or when there is no company-funded plan in place. Employees that have signed up to a voluntary private healthcare plan through their employer will pay for their own cover.

One of the key benefits of private healthcare cover is the convenience. Upon referral from their GP, employees can choose who they want to see, where and when from a list of approved specialists and hospitals. This flexibility can help minimise the time employees spend out of the office.

What types of voluntary healthcare plans are available?

We offer two ways of funding voluntary private healthcare schemes:

  • Individual direct debit plans - employees set up their own individual healthcare plans with us and pay us for them directly. All the plan set-up and running is done by us.
  • Salary-deduct plans - these are run in a similar way to our corporate healthcare plans whereby the employer sets up and manages the scheme. Employees pay for their healthcare plan out of their own salary via your payroll system.

For both these options we’ll help your clients promote the healthcare scheme to their business.

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