Developing a safe and dynamic workplace

Occupational Health Services

From shop floors to flight decks, city workers to the remotest employees, your clients are tackling a whole range of health challenges. As an occupational health services provider, we’re here to make sure people thrive, whatever their role.

Create an environment that keeps your workforce well at work

For us, occupational health is about preventing health issues, or catching them as early as possible. We’ll work with your client to understand their business and its health challenges, and effectively shape their health risk management strategy.

Manage employee health with confidence

Whether support is needed for managers to handle individual employee health, or the wider issues of absenteeism and presenteeism need to be tackled, we’ll provide the expertise to help your client make decisions with confidence.

Comply with all those rules and regulations

Our business health experts can help develop compliant policies, manage complex cases with confidence, and keep up to date with the latest rules and regulations.

Employee health at work

There’s no doubt that employee health at work can be a minefield. Fortunately your clients don’t have to face it alone. The following links will take you through to our corporate pages - please contact us in relation to any of these services and how we can support your clients.

Management referral
Clear, actionable guidance for managers

Balancing the health needs of the employee with the needs of the business can be hard. Our Management Referral service helps managers get on with their day jobs.

Man on laptop
Keeping fit for work

The health, safety and confidence of those on the ground matters. We'll work with your clients to develop an effective health surveillance and ‘fit for work’ assessment programme.

man working on metal
Flexibility whatever your business size

If your client needs the benefits of occupational health but not on a regular basis, our On Demand service could be the solution for them.

engineer working
Targeting work-related musculoskeletal disorders

Bad backs, stiff shoulders and aching knees can all cause absences. Early access to help, including Physiotherapy and Workplace Assessments, keep teams moving.

People walking down corridor
Maintaining good health across the board

Detect health concerns or potential risks in those holding critical senior-level positions within an organisation.

pilot preparing the plane
Fit to Fly

We can coordinate medicals for pilots, air traffic control officers and cabin crew, ensuring that they are fit for their safety critical work.

man thinking
Quick mental health support

When employees need support with their mental health, we’ll be on hand to intervene early, possibly preventing any absence at all.

Doctor giving vaccine
Stopping diseases in their tracks

Minimise the disruption to business caused by outbreaks of preventable disease.

People running in water
Wellbeing Made Easy

We’ll help your clients with everything from creating a wellbeing strategy to better preventing mental or physical ill health in your workforce.

Innovation and technology whenever you need it

Our occupational health assessments and referrals are managed through our intuitive Workplace Health Gateway. They allow your clients and our multi-disciplinary clinical experts to log in wherever they are, so employee information is always at hand. And it’s robustly tested and hosted by AXA, the number one global insurance brand, you can be sure data is safe and confidential.

Insight and intelligence that drive clear decisions

From clear, concise management advice reports full of medical opinion, to regular reporting on the health of the business, we’ll provide certainty for your client’s planning and decision making.