Scab in nose

I have a scab on the inside of my nose, which appeared a number of months ago, I think due to me cleaning my nose and scratching the soft skin layer. It will not heal anymore, and I wake up each morning with a scab of blood and dryish nasal mucus, which I end up having to remove as my nose is pretty blocked as it is. I have not seen the GP about this as of yet.

5 March 2017

Dry crusty irritation of the nasal passages can be very uncomfortable.

It can be caused and made worse to by various external sources:

  • Indoor heating systems / Air conditioning
  • Long periods in Aircrafts / Hotels
  • Nasal allergy medication use
  • It may also be a side effect of taking certain oral medications.

If you can identify the source of the problem, some simple adjustments may alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms the nasal dryness and crustiness can cause.

Things to consider

Consider your environment, try to ensure that your bedroom contains moisture in the air, with possible use of a humidifier, or a bowl of water placed in the room to encourage more humidity in the air.

Personal habits, like frequent blowing or picking at nasal membranes, and wherever possible make changes.

Daily cotton wool pad/gauze soaked in warm salted water applied to the crusty area may help with the initial feeling of tightness / dryness to the area –and promote healing.

Introducing a nasal moisturizing gel or lubricant may help with the dryness therefore creating a more comfortable feeling within the nose. These can be available from your local Pharmacy. These products can help to maintain moisture and provide lubrication within the nasal passages and may keep the symptoms from recurring.

If the symptoms persist it would be recommended to consult your GP with regards to this matter. We hope that you may find this information useful.

Answered by the Health at Hand team.  

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