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Prostate stones and fertility information

My boyfriend has been told he has prostate stones. I don't know much about them and wondered what problem these might cause? Are they likely to cause any side effect? Long term or future more serious problem? Will they have any affect on his fertility?

24 September 2019

Prostate stones or prostatic calculi are a common finding in men. There can be anything from a few to hundreds of stones found within the prostate. These stones do not have any symptoms (they're asymptomatic) for the vast majority of men. Therefore, removal of calculi is not warranted in asymptomatic individuals.

These calculi are produced from the secretions of the prostate gland. The incidence of calculi formation, correlates with age as general rule. But younger men may have calculi that are associated with prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate gland).

The clinical significance of prostatic calculi is that they may be associated with (but not necessarily caused by) some of the following clinical conditions: benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostatitis and lower urinary tract infections. These conditions have annoying symptoms but successful treatments can alleviate the vast majority of these conditions and their symptoms.

There is no evidence to suggest that prostatic calculi are the cause of prostate cancer or infertility.

An NCBI research article concluded that men with large and coarse amounts of prostate calculi had sperm which were shown to have reduced motility rather than quantity. Men with smaller areas of calculi had no reduction to sperm production or motility. 

Some younger patients with prostatitis, may be sub-fertile – but the vast majority of men we still be able to father children.

Symptomatic prostatic calculi can be a challenging condition to manage. If surgery is considered, the calculi may return once removed, or there can be inadequate removal or the calculi. Some types of surgery to remove the calculi can be very invasive. Trans-urethral surgery (younger patients) and prostatectomy are some of the surgical procedures that may be performed.

Answered by Health at Hand team.


Chen, Tong et al. “Clinical Correlation of Prostatic Calculi With Semen Parameters in Adult Men With Fertility Intention.” American journal of men's health vol. 13,3 (2019): 1557988319852018. doi:10.1177/1557988319852018

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