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Pulsating femoral artery

We've noticed that we can see the artery pulsing and moving under the skin on my husband's leg. It's like he's got something crawling under the skin. This happened before surgery but is more pronounced now. Any ideas please?

1 March 2021

Your husband’s symptom is suggestive of the femoral artery pulsating. The femoral artery runs down the inside of the thigh initially and then continues down the front of the leg.

In very rare cases and we stress very rare cases, sometimes there are weaknesses in the wall of the femoral artery in the thigh and this is known as a femoral artery aneurysm – there can also be pseudoaneurysms due to cardiac catheterisation of the femoral artery and this gives rise to the symptom of pulsing.

The situation of having a femoral artery aneurysm would need urgent assessment and then the appropriate treatment.

We would suggest that you make an appointment with your general practitioner to evaluate whether further investigations are required for the pulsating artery.

Answered by the Health at Hand team.

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