Minty mojo-booster

3 August 2021

Our non-alcoholic mojito is a super refreshing version of the famous cocktail with all the uplifting lime and mint flavours we love. Easy to make, it's the perfect crowd-pleaser, and without the alcohol and sugar syrup of the original version, it's lighter on calories too!

Nutritional highlights

Non-alcoholic cocktails can be a great way to add a bit of va va voom to your soft drink options. Plus, they’re lower in calories and artificial sugar than their alcoholic counterparts. Being alcohol free they also help keep us hydrated as alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it causes water loss.

Ingredients list

(Makes 1 serving)
Preparation time: 1 minute
Making time: 2 minutes
Allergen advice: None

  • 3 lime wedges
  • 12 mint leaves
  • Soda water
  • Ice cubes
  • 100ml apple juice


Squeeze the lime wedges into the glass before putting them in.

Place the mint leaves in your hands and clap your hands together (this isn’t a trick – it helps release the aromas of the mint!). Then add to the glass.

Pour the 100ml apple juice into the glass and mix. Add ice to fill the glass. Pour soda water over the top and mix thoroughly with a long spoon to agitate the mint and lime wedges. Garnish with a mint sprig. Enjoy!

Nutritional information given below is per serving.

Calories: 58kcal Fat: 0.06g Saturates: 0g Total Sugar: 11.5g Salt: 0.06g