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AXA Fitness Works

AXA Fitness Works - FAQs

Who is AXA Fitness Works available to?
AXA Fitness Works is available to AXA Health members (Individual and SME).

Are there any differences between how an Individual member accesses AXA Fitness Works to a SME member?
Individual members can access AXA Fitness Works through their Online Servicing area (also known as Member Online).

Can my family use the AXA Fitness Works offers?
Provided family members are covered under your AXA Health membership and live at the same address as you, they can use AXA Fitness Works.

Some health clubs also extend this offer to family members not covered under the AXA Health membership. In these cases, details can be found on the gym pages.

How do I redeem an AXA Fitness Works offer?
Go to the Home page, click on the logo of your gym of choice, and then follow the instructions under ‘How to redeem this offer’.

Where can I find my membership certificate?
Individual and SME members can access their membership certificate in their welcome and renewal documentation, or through their Online Servicing area (also known as Member Online).

How does the AXA Fitness Works Voucher work?
Members need to download the AXA Fitness Works Voucher and present it to the gym in order to obtain the discount. You can either print the voucher off, or download it to your smart phone or similar device (and present it to the gym on your device).

The health club doesn’t recognise AXA Fitness Works / won’t offer the discount
Please make sure you’ve provided the health club with a copy of your AXA Fitness Works Voucher (accessed on the gym pages), and proof of your AXA Health membership. Please also ensure you have quoted ‘AXA Fitness Works’ as your discount code. If the discount offered is still not what you expected, please email us with details of the club (name, address and telephone number) and the name of the person you spoke to at the club at We’ll then attempt to resolve the query for you.

How can I contact you?
If you have any queries about AXA Fitness Works, please email us at